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Allie X.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. I would kill to hear Allie’s Heavy Love. Lea Michele is so messy ddd
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  2. Oh my god... oh my god.

    European girlies get your lives for me.
  3. Is Allie really going to make me get tickets to see Marina? A support act in the truest sense of the word!
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  4. Considering Marina's latest album, i'd be more excited to see Allie.
  5. At least that means someone in the venue will be performing good music.
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  6. Yes Marina doesn't have any good music prior to Love + Fear. Which explains why you're in this thread. Zzzzzz.
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  7. This is a biT tew much.
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  8. Anna ou. Forgot that much like Merna, her stans have no sense of humor. My bad.
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  9. While I’m happy that Allie will be elevating Marina’s tour, I need to know if Allie’s going to tour Canada before I die.
  10. At least we know she believes both froots can be familiar!
  11. Death by a thousand cuts.
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  12. It is kind of funny that she's going on tour with both Charli and Marina around the same time.
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  13. Allie X, peacekeeper of pop
  14. Is Allie X the third Siamese fighting fish in the tank, watching the other two wear each other down, waiting to strike, taste flesh and ascend to undisputed god tier popstar?

    Um yes
  15. How about all three can coexist xx
  16. Didn't she already? Or was it only Toronto and Montreal she performed?
  17. Probably. She's not a big artist, she can do a mini tour of Canada like the rest of the fledging indie Canadians.
  18. If anyone here needs to get their hands on some Allie X physicals, her store has been updated! Both Collxtions already sold out, though. I managed to get Super Sunset!

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  19. I... don't care about Super Sunset on vinyl anymore but I'm glad she's able to clean her basement out!
  20. This is Allie’s thread.
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