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Allie X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. Why are the CollXtion CDs described as "single sleeve"? Does that mean they're literally just cardboard sleeves with no booklet or anything? I would definitely get them if I knew for sure they're digipacks like Super Sunset...
  2. If this means Allie might not open for Charli anymore I will never forgive Marina.
  3. There are no overlapping dates with Marina's shows with Allie and Charli's shows with Allie.
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  4. Thank you Marina and the Etsy Merch for giving me a reason to see Allie a second time this year.
  5. She did a little Twitter Q&A last night, we’re getting fed soon girlies:

    Other highlights:

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  6. Noooo the Slayyyter tweet! Allie's peacekeeping mission is CANCELED.

  7. This rings a bell...
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  8. I’m so ready.
  9. God, yes.
  10. Allie X as Gaga's surrogate? Their minds!
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  12. They're triplets?
  13. CollXtion III?!?!?!?!?
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  14. Or three EPs drawn out in three years just to make the gays suffer.
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  15. Maybe she's taking inspiration from JoJo and dropping a tringle.
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  16. LG6-8 incoming!
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  17. This is triggering cuz a friend of mine is just obsessed with the idea of Allie working with Gaga on Co-Writing and I just... couldn't picture this happening. And then of course Gaga just starts working with Tchami on music and makes me wonder if the simulation can glitch harder
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  18. Already obsessed.
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  19. Alexandra Ashley Hughes is coming?
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