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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. I thought Sarah Come Home was about her cat not coming home for a few days.
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  2. Sarah Come Home is like her 2020 answer to a 90s anime closing credits song, and it's easily one of her best songs period.
  3. I Agree.

    Anchor fits this vibe too for me and Its really unraveling itself to be a huge moment for me over the last week. I would love more of this dreamy vibe in the future. I don't know what the inspiration is for some of these slower dreamy alt moments but I wish I could pinpoint it, its driving me mad!
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  5. Life of the Party is the best song on Cape God and that's really not up for debate.
  6. Not when the chorus is "was the life, was the life, was the life, was the life, Was the life, was the life, was the life, was the life, Was the life, was the life, was the life, was the life, Was the life, was the life"

    It actively goes out of it's way to annoy me.
  7. For me Sarah Come Home always felt a little bit out of place on the album, as the production choice are kinda faceless, but regardless of that it was always one of my favourite songs on the record.

    I'm the Life of the Party hater though, I would gladly delete this one and never heard of it again.
  8. I usually have to skip about halfway through because it's truly obnoxious.
  9. Life of the Party slaps and the repetition doesn't bother me at all, somehow.
  10. The lyrics are also devastating and relatable.
  11. Milk is so fucking good. No idea how it was left off the standard, unless it wasn't finished / didn't exist then.
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  12. There is something with Allie X that bothers me. For example 'Milk' is 10/10 and then I check the deluxe edition and I have zero desire to go back to many songs. I question myself: do I lack the focus to get the full album or although she has some 10/10 songs maybe most of them are just not my taste? But if so how can I find some of her singles the best of the year they are released while many of the other songs are just simply there for me.
  13. Yes. My fave is Collxtion II. Maybe I just like more poppy stuff, I don't know.
  14. Cape God, in my opinion anyway, is really the first full "era" that feels complete. Even if I don't revisit tracks on the album, it's probably her most cohesive with respect to sound, lyrical themes and imagery.
  15. Completely agree but especially visually. I really can't wait to see what her next era looks like.
  16. If anything I feel like Cape God has more of a similar vibe to CXII than her others. They're both filled with mellow pop songs with some more stand out upbeat tunes mixed in.
    And yeah it's totally okay to not like some of the album. It has some variety. I honestly barely listen to the back half of the album.
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  17. The bonus tracks on Cape God are so fucking good. I don't know how well they fit with the album in general, but they work perfectly as their own little EP. Like, Limited Love? Anchor? Rising Tide?!?!? I cannot.
  18. A new scrapped demo from the new album leaked. Apparently a version also exists featuring vocals from Ariel Pink, as well:

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  19. Glad it was scrapped.
  20. Ready for the hot tea?

    “Rings a Bell” is the best song on the album.
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