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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. To be fair I'm sure a car has to be on for AC to be on and you can tell if a car is running or not.

    All this when he could have just smashed the bloody window and carried on with his life!!

  2. Screaming.
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  3. I'm definitely more pissed at Simon for pretending to care about animals for attention and clout (and potentially to take down a well-known if not exactly famous singer) than I am even close to being upset with Allie for making a well-intentioned, but bad decision. Like, that's so gross to me. I bet he wouldn't have said anything if it had been a random girl's dog which is really frustrating because it is important for pet owners to know they shouldn't leave their windows up even if the AC is blasting. I love my pets sometimes more than my human family so animal care is extremely important but I don't see how anyone could have a problem with Allie after her statement or still be on this nobody's side. It's extremely infuriating that he's going after Allie - clearly a loving pet owner - when there are plenty of actual animal abuse cases that go unnoticed.

    Also, give it up dude!
  4. Allie's side is very overtly 'did a dumb thing with no malicious intent'. Like evidently she made a bad call about A/C vs having the window open and she has acknowledged as such.

    Simon out here making an outright fabrication of events to overstate his alleged emotional harm over the dog/his lack of song streams is the same shit we see all the time with public figures such as this. He's sat trying to start a public spat because he's a goldfish in the very small pond that she's a koi in.
  5. This isn't meant as a pile-on but I re-read her statement and I don't think she left the AC running, more that she thought it had been blasting right before and figured the car wouldn't warm up that quickly.
  6. Yeah, she didn’t have it running. Car was not on. So very dangerous and dumb of her.
  7. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    It is disappointing to get confirmation that she did indeed leave Koji in the car - I’m sure her judgement was sound but there’s a reason California law gives absolutely no excuse for it.

    But she also does not deserve this kind of vigilante punishment from a man who very clearly has motives besides just caring about the dog. I’ve been on the receiving end of abuse multiple times from men I don’t know, who’ve decided I’ve committed an injustice and they’re gonna be the ones to put me in my place by any means necessary - and it’s fucking terrifying. I agree that Allie fucked up, but while we’re on the subject I think we can have a conversation about how Simon’s actions were genuinely sinister too.
  8. Yeah, that's how I read it as well. She says the reason she left the windows up was because she didn't want the car to get any warmer after the AC had been going full blast at 60° (and acknowledges that was a bad decision she won't make again)
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  9. The absolute dissonance between setting this up as "I don't know who this Karen is!!!1!!1!" to save face and seem less suspicious, and then being apparently so well-informed about recording artist Allie X that he can provide commentary on her queer-baiting ways throughout her entire career. That script needed tweaking, hunty!
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  10. His behavior in this whole situation is giving Casey Spooner going after Madonna over God Control to me. A very specific kind of ick
  11. When I accuse Kim Petras of graffiti it’s OVER
  12. It was a dangerous and dumb decision on her part and I'm side eyeing her for her choices but at least she acknowledged it and will hopefully be more mindful in the future. Some people wouldn't even acknowledge this sort of call out so at least she is owning up.

    I missed this, when did he pull those out?!
  13. Other users have shared a tweet of his here where he says (something along the lines of) that Allie has created her career off the back of queer people by baiting them or whatever.
  14. From the looks of her's over already
  15. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Poor Allie dd.

  16. This was the tweet being referenced.
  17. The way that the tweet right before that one is virtually indistinguishable from, like, a Turning Point USA tweet out of context
  18. I would never trust a white gay who shops at Erewhon. Just asking for clout-chasing trouble.
  19. At the end of the day Allie had a bad lapse of judgment and has acknowledged she’s made an error and has learned from this her dog is okay and that’s what’s important. That guy clearly wants clout by continuing drag this further than it needs to.
  20. He didn’t need to do any of this. He could have called animal control, busted the car window and taken down the license plate. But he didn’t. Because it was literally never about the dog.
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