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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. Him looping in her queer audience in an argument about animal abuse feels absurd. It came out of left field and isn't relevant to the actual discussion.
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  2. Its relevance is proving he'd exceedingly bitter about her music having queer fans he feels he should have instead ddd
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  3. I just felt a weird misogynistic energy behind all this especially when he implied to accuse of her queerbaiting when it was completely unrelated to all of this. As well as him deleting tweets that confirmed that he knew Allie was this whole time.
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  4. Honestly I feel like I would have made the same mistake and assumed that keeping the cool air in the car for the 10 minutes I was gone made more sense than opening the windows and letting the cool air out/warm air in. Sounds to me like an error in judgment and a mistake she won't make again. He needs to back off and shut the fuck up.
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  5. Last thing i'll say about this is that the words he used to describe her during all this, "disgusting Karen", "foul ghoul", "horrid woman", etc has not gone unnoticed and told me all I needed to know about him to be honest.
  6. But WAS it a mistake though? The dog was fine after all and sleeping peacefully. So it seems her judgement about the time and temperature was correct.
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  7. In the context of the law, yes. It's fair that people are still concerned because of what could happen in that amount of time. That's why it is important Allie owned up to it.
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  8. I mean, the dog was fine in the end, yes. But cars heat up extremely fast regardless if the A/C was blasting at its coldest setting prior. I would be very surprised if the dog wasn’t already feeling it after a couple minutes, considering the breed and the fact the car was likely out in direct sunlight in nearly 100 degree heat (meaning the inside of the car could have been up to 120 degrees in the time she was gone). Just because the dog was fine and napping when she left doesn’t mean it was the correct call to make.
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  9. (I meant she was fine and napping when they came back / while S*mon was recording)

    But yeah I'm glad we can all move on now.
  10. No one hates women more than a gay man pushing 40 with no career prospects.
  11. I love Allie more now? She owned her mistake and made a commitment to improve while dealing with a clearly targeted attack by a clearly sexist gay man and moved on promptly. She’s been dealing with a serious flare up of her auto immune disease that delayed her tour, so I understand if she is not in the best space but she clearly took a moment to reflect before responding. It’s like she’s a mature adult?!
  12. Lord what a loser.
  13. I totally get what you mean. I only became a fan relatively recently, and, despite liking the music I didn't really know what kind of person she was and had no idea how she'd handle being in a situation like this, but I've gained a lot of respect for her after this. I get this might be funny coming from someone with an Allie X avatar, but that's for rate-related reasons ff
  14. R92


    Wait, that’s not Alyssa Edwards?
  15. ff

  16. Putting together the two accounts of What Happened, it sounds like what Allie did was dumb and dangerous, but ignorant rather than negligent. Whereas what's his name did some of the right things for all the wrong reasons.
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  17. What did he actually do that was right, though? How was anything improved by his behavior?

    Allie was wrong for leaving Koji in the car, has learned her lesson and vowed to never do something like that again. Simon was 100% wrong for seeing a situation that could have been dangerous, doing absolutely nothing of importance except spinning it on social media and trying to get a few streams off it. The dog would have been no better or worse if he never even found the scene.
  18. I'm surprised some of you were following him on Twitter. He seems like a complete nonentity.
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  19. Allie knows better now and said she won't leave her dog in the car with the windows up again.

    Have now read the last few pages, and "built a career off the back of queer fans" is sending me. Yeah, how dare a singer... have... gay fans??? Is he going after Cher next? (oh god please let him go after Cher next)
  20. It's double funny if one remembers she basically wrote Troye Sivan's music career
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