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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. This crossed my mind too, as Simon was clearly pressed about Troye when he debuted.
  2. Simon really said

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  3. Upon finding out her identity... which... let's be honest, he probably knew from the second he pulled out his phone camera at her. If he had sent her a DM or a message about this situation to advocate for her dog and have a discussion why this was not okay- like civilized human being, I might actually be more strongly on his side. But the fact that he's so outrageous and has used this as a chance to blatantly berate a woman and attempt to form this angry internet mob against her... No. This is not how we advocate for causes or make positive change in this world.

    Her dog is thankfully okay, and that had nothing to do with anything he did or continues to be doing. So he really just needs to stop, and needs to be the next to be apologizing. She apologized, rightfully so. And he continues to go after her. It's disgusting.
  4. Calling her a Karen when he's the one acting a fool, calling police and trying to get vigilante justice for a person's dumb mistake? Late stage worms, methinks.
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  5. Glad she said something! She made a mistake and owned up to it, and thankfully the dog is fine. I'm really confused what the point of Simon going apeshit about it was, does he have a vendetta against her or something?
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  6. My understanding is that the AC was not running when she was in the store. She (wrongly) thought having the windows up would keep the inside cool for a while because the AC had been on.
  7. Yeah, it was clarified on the next page. My point still stands that I wouldn’t do what she did but that she operated with her dog’s comfort in mind.
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  8. I realized as I continued reading that others ended up pointing it out. Lesson for me to finish reading before posting.
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  9. No worries!
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  10. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Didn’t that gay start off like 12 years ago as a Natalia Kills knockoff who herself started off…shakily? I could be wrong but wasn’t he giving away his first “album” for free on Megaupload or Mediafire?
  11. I appreciate she’s acknowledged she made a mistake and apologised. Think @Sanctuary probably hit the nail on the head in that my (+ others) reactions were heightened by the fact I have my own dog and could never imagine doing anything so reckless that might cause him harm or even death. Regardless it seems pretty obvious she won’t be making the mistake again and her dog thankfully doesn’t seem to have suffered any ill effects which is the main thing.

    Simon continuing to push this after she’s offered an explanation and sincere apology though… I haven’t followed him in years but it seems that some of you are right in saying he’s become a bit of social media clown.
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  12. On a similar note Simon is definitely the type of person who still hasn't forgiven Natalia for X Factor.
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  13. That's why we only follow females here.
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  14. Inch resting...
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  15. I thought he started out as a bargain bin Frankmusik, who himself holds trash opinions?
  16. I don’t care if Allie ran over someone I’m still not listening to that fruit basket’s music.
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  17. That's what I thought too, that he was one of those dodgy electropop guys that attempted a career in the late 00s/early 10s, in the same lines as Frankmusik, Dan Black or *checks notes* Luigi Masi, and then just faded into obscurity. Definitely took me surprise to see he's apparently still around and "famous".
  18. When we drag Persimmon Curtains one too many times and he logs into his alt on here to drag us back
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  19. Simon's only initial popularity was because he put a 3 second Bad Romance sample in one of his free songs in 2010 and the little monsters ate it up for a couple months and he's been riding that high ever since.
  20. Not Frankmusik(!) being invoked. It was me who exposed him on this very forum for being an anti-left, pro-Brexit, pro-gun right-wing nut and then he attempted to drag me on Twitter ddd
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