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Allison Ponthier - Shaking Hands with Elvis (2nd EP)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 4Roses, Mar 9, 2021.

  1. Wait I had no idea she had so many music videos! Now I know what i'll be doing after work! I believe it was @CorgiCorgiCorgi who posted her EP in the PJ Charts as an FYC! Between Chappell Roan, Katie Pruitt and her I'm loving this new crop of queer country ladies!
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  2. She performed a new song the other day and it sounds like a bop! You can hear a snippet in the 5th slide.

    Also the last two acoustic performances.

    Plus Elton co-sign:
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  3. Ugh, she's so good. Something about her just calms me down. I wish she and Kacey worked together, miss Ponthier needs to help the gheys find her.
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  4. She just announced on IG Live that she's dropping a new song on Friday called "Late Bloomer".

    She played a snippet and it's really good, definitely the most upbeat song she's done so far. It was giving me Taylor Swift vibes and then she said "Yes i'm in my Reputation era" so take that as you will dd.

    She also said the other unreleased song she played on tour, Hollywood Forever, is coming eventually.
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  5. Harshest Critic and Cowboy are nearly at a million too. She's coming y'all.

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  6. New song coming this week! Her art direction is just incredible. I'm guessing this is teasing another EP, cause I see 4 song titles.

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  8. Dd this video concept I can't. This is great! I love it.

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  9. So good! The production is beautiful. Just checked the credits and it's produced by Ariel Rechtshaid!!
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  10. This new song feels like a hug, I love her.
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  11. New EP on Friday!

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  12. The EP is great! Hollywood Forever Cemetery in particular is like an instant classic!

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  13. Just heard the new EP. Amazing.
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  14. Manifesting a double vinyl release of her last two EPs. That artwork deserves to be seen 12x12!
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  15. Hollywood Forever Cemetery and Hardcore are definitely the standouts for me this time, i'm obsessed. Also I just noticed she finally graduated to Pop & Justice!

    Let's get more people in here! @lushLuck @Petty Mayonnaise @aux @Jonathan27 @xOJakeXo maybe you will like?
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  16. I checked her Twitter about vinyl and she tweeted this last year

    Someone hook her up with VMP.
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