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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Iggypig, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Google Play doesn't even have their singles. (Just found Bump In The Night but that's it)
  2. Thanks @aquaplex for getting this sorted.

    Is the second CD being uploaded as I can see the tracks on spotify but the mixes don't play for me?
  3. I'm so happy it's the 2CD version and not the single disc one! I love those remixes! Thanks a lot!
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  4. They do now!
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  5. Yay! The allSTARS* album has always been about the remix disc for me. The Xenomania mixes of Things That Go Bump In The Night and Back When are everything.
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  6. The xenomania almighty mix of Bump fucking slaps hard!

    giphy (19).gif

    Edited as I got @idratherjack excited for no reason.
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  7. There's an Almighty Mix of Things That Go Bump In The Night? This is news to me!

    Running to Youtube to look for it sadly produced nothing, but did remind me that I love this too

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  8. Sorry for getting your hopes up. I meant xenomania.
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  9. Oh I see, I thought there was a secret Almighty Mix too!

    They used to play the Xenomania Mix of Things That Go Bump In The Night in my local provincial homosexual nitespot and it went off.
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  10. The remix disc was amazing. I don’t use streaming much (boo hiss boo I know), so rely on my library, but just curious is the Radio Edit of Is There Something I Should Know? on streaming? I have it on the Bump single and was always frustrated of how short the album version is.

    if only they could get the cassette only b-sides online.
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  11. Back When had the best remix - which I heard before hearing the original, which was then a bitter disappointment given how good the Xenomania mix is.
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