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Ally Brooke

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Fascination, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. One of my favourites of the 5H solos this far. Mega bop.
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  2. Despite having zero interest in Ally Brooke, I gave it a shot when it popped up in my YT recommendations and WHOAH! What a song! It's giving me some serious early 2000s vibes, it's so refreshing. Loving it. Such a shame it's going to flop.
  3. This is the first song she’s released that I don’t like much. It sounds more dated rather than throwback for me.
  4. She sounds like both Carrie Underwood and Nicole Scherzinger on Higher, it confused me.
  5. The early 2000s French house/Groovejet & Spiller-esque bassline is great even if the rest of the song isn't quite as amazing. No shade intended but this sort of slightly basic gay dance bop lane really suits her.
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  6. Wait. This bops harder than both Camilla + Normani's new singles?

    And what is Matoma?
  7. He is a Norwegian DJ.

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  8. Why does she sound like Carrie Underwood on Higher.
  9. Is this a cover? I feel like I’ve heard the chorus somewhere before.
  10. Ally's stanbase is called the Allygiance?
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  11. Had no idea she was going on that show.

    Who is singing the sing Ally is dancing to?
  12. I really want this to be true.
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  13. this still bops!
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  15. Singing and dancing to 'Higher' on Dancing With the Stars:

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  16. I just discovered this song today! Ddd. What a bop!
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  17. Glorious bop!

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  18. The generic dance stuff really works for her and she sounds so much like Nicole I could easily pretend this is the sequel era to Killer Love we never got ddd
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