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Ally Brooke

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Fascination, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. what a bop! I'm officially a fan
  2. Not as good as Higher, but still good. Congrats, girl!
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  3. Wow new queen of faceless bops. Dominate my workouts a bit.
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  4. She came in 3rd on Dancing With The Stars, who would’ve thought after all those memes?

    No Good is so good in all it’s generic glory, she’s serving us more than we deserve.
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  5. I haven't really been following her solo career, but No Good is a bop.
  6. Can someone remind me of the sample used in the chorus???

    It’s a good bop, faceless, but one to add to the current disco pop revival theme.
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  7. Kelly Charles - You're No Good For Me.

    It's good, but like Little Mix with Bounce Back, it makes me want to go back to listen to the source material rather than listen to this on repeat.
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  8. Most people will probably think of this:
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  9. Wig at her serving these little bops.
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  10. No Good is the best of the bunch isn’t it?! I LOVE IT!!
  11. She’s going on a headlining tour next year:

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  12. Lips Don't Lie is charting.. in Romania. Currently at #23, the smash.
  13. So happy for her! Who would've thought that she was gonna have a successful career? But she's been releasing bop after bop, so well deserved.

    This... is 2019? I thought we had established that popstars should either do playback or live, not this weird mix The Saturdays style.
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  14. I can't keep No Good out of my head, it sounds like something Dua Lipa would release and make it smash! Proud of Ally for Dancing and for her first tour
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  15. Wait No Good is an absolute bop WOW she low key keeps realising bops tbh .
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  16. No Good is giving me Ava Max vibes honestly. It’s catchy but so undeniably basic, I’m not sure if I can get into it as much as Low Key or Lips Don’t Lie (which remains her best for me).
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  17. I just listened to No Good and it's a fucking BANGER. I knew irrationally stanning her would pay off at some point.
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  18. I need this Work From Home-ified cover of Christmas Through Your Eyes she’s performing on the Disney Christmas Parade.
  19. I’ve never heard any of her solo stuff but No Good just randomly played and I love it. Just makes me want to dance.
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