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ALMA - Everything Dies (Single out July 1st)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MmmDani, Aug 29, 2018.

  1. She’s going live with Sarah Hudson, 7 PM UK time. She co-wrote LA Money and Loser, and “many more” according to her Instagram Story

    Edit: something went wrong about 10 mins into their conversation, so she did a Q&A instead. Here’s the breakdown:
    - The hardest song to write was Mama.
    - Her favourites are Loser, King of the Castle and LA Money, and she’s recently fallen back in love with My Girl
    - She doesn’t know when/where she’ll be touring when she’s allowed
    - There are going to be more lives this/next week
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  2. Virtual concert on June 12th, based on “her dreams”. The album debuted at #1 in Finland (and didn’t chart anywhere else) and she finally reached 2 Million monthly Spotify listeners.

    I’m not surprised, it should have come out last year before her tour so that she could promote it. Many of the tracks would have been finished (if they were anywhere near meeting the original April 5th release date), so simply releasing those tracks with the four previous singles would have been fine. And then, since she was still recording material, perhaps rereleasing it this year with the newer tracks. I think it’s a strong album (especially for a debut), but it’s obviously done nothing so far. I vote for an LA Money single push and rerelease with the four orphaned singles, so that she can try and promote it later in the year. It’s always possible that it will gain traction later on. However, I wouldn’t blame them for leaving the project behind and moving on to something else quickly
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  5. “This song is for anyone who gives me two star reviews” *Loser starts*

    Woah, there are multiple locations? This is actually pretty incredible.

    A Tove cameo too

    *Stay All Night chorus hits* “No I’m really begging you to stay through this live”

    And the stage fell apart during the final chorus of Final Fantasy.

    The soundscape is fantastic, it could’ve fit into the album as an interlude. This whole performance was truly great, maybe the best Lockdown performance from a Pop girl we’ve had?

    Do yourselves a favour and check this out.

    And to top it all off, LA Money was released as a single today:
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  6. New collaboration coming Friday
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  7. Welp, this sure does exist. Still rooting for you Alma, hopefully the next solo single is it.
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  8. I didn’t hate the album but I scream every time I read the title/thread name nn
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  9. Threw the very bad new collab a full stream because I appreciate miss @MmmDani's relentless stanning and updating the thread in the face of indifference x
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  11. Pre-save link is live for the new single:

  12. Sounds like a bop. Loving the guitars.
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  13. She looks so good and that hair is an upgrade. Great artwork.
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  14. Everything Beautiful music video:

    New single out this Friday:

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