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Alt Pop 2020 Rate | #65 Every morning there are mountains to climb, taking all my time

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Cutlery, Sep 15, 2021.

  1. Wait I just looked at my scores again and Chosen Family was my lowest score dd. But tied with Paradisin' oop.
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  2. Ahh glad to see Darkseid go! None of it worked for me, but learning the lyrical content makes me appreciate it a little more.
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  3. I'm a Sawayama protection squad but I do agree Chosen Family is so bad. However, if a track from Sawayama needs to be eliminated outside Top 50, it should be Lucid or the Interlude NOT Paradisin !

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  4. … Oh.
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  5. I'm not particularly mad at Chosen Family leaving. As long as she remains untouched for some time after this (and well lucid which i love but i know it will be destroyed here ddddd)

    Darkseid on the other hand should not have been grimes' first cut
  6. Bees and Honey needs to vacate too.
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  7. There's was a cute moment at Rina's London show where the drummer was crying and missed a beat. The entire theatre carried an entire chorus while they all composed themselves. Heart melting vibes.
  8. Now, anyone fancy an acoustic number? Perhaps not this next one



    10 (@Trouble in Paradise), 9 (@godspeed)
    LOW 4 (@TéléDex @Jonathan27), 4.5 (@Hurricane Drunk)

    A reverse MisandryJustice experience. But first of all, let's get this very much right prediction from @Trouble in Paradise (10) out of the way: "I absolutely adore this Haim does Joni take down of the disgusting misogyny built in to the music press and I’m already mad at how early this will fall". Well, where you expecting a bottom 3 placement? Man from the Magazine struggled to get out of the 90's at any point of voting, and that's no reference to Night Ride Home (1991). My guess about this terrible performance would be that the music doesn't step out of "this was recorded live in one sitting" territory, with just so it has a demo quality to it.

    Personally, I appreciate how Danielle approaches their lyrics with the mix of a heavy sigh and a deadpan expression. Like she's disappointed but not surprised and even injects slight humor into a couple lines; she's acknowledged this further by saying that she always tried to make a joke out of the derogatory comments the band got (and still gets, unfortunately, maybe just less publicly) from interviewers. But ultimately these feelings come to that chorus, which, simple as it is, contains some of the most crucial thoughts on the album. I believe it's the kind of statements that pushed for its title.

    The delivery is something not lost on @R27, who says (8): "They nail the the apathetic and defeated tone of the lyrics so well with the production while still creating a song that is an engaging listen". Well, it is a simple melody for impactful anecdotes to take the center, I think I feel the same way as you. And Mitchell continues to be a common point of reference as a folk legend, as @godspeed (9) writes: "Danielle Haim channeling her inner Joni Mitchell. This wasn’t an instant favorite of mine but over time quietly revealed itself to be a show-stopping moment on Women in Music, Part III. The music video particularly helped".

    Unrelated, but the other day I heard OUT OUT on Disney Radio of all places,, I bopped along, and yet the host didn't even mention Charli nor Saweetie afterwards, only Jax Jones and Joel Corry. Can the basement they run these hosts and interviewers out of just collapse already? The BPG2021 rate opens tomorrow loves x

    The trio performed Man from the Magazine a couple times on IG live, so here's one of those ready to play on the right timestamp for your convenience, alongside the Canter's Deli-filmed music video. Surprising it got the visual treatment, but very welcome as I loooove the location they shot at.

  9. I'm obsessed with the steaming hot deli sandwich in the graphic.

    Normally i'd be pissed at a HAIM song leaving so early but this is probably my least favourite song on the album so i'll let it slide.
  10. Resigned sigh
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  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    What the hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  12. The mess has already begun.
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  13. Nn I didn't expect to be among the lowest scorers for all three eliminations so far!

    I don't mind Man from the Magazine but it's easily the weakest on its parent album.
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  14. Grimes and HAIM both losing songs in the bottom 3 is definitely not something I saw coming. Truly no-one is safe here.
  15. R27


    A bit surprised to see this leaving so early, but it was a slow burner for me. I had to bump my score up a bit after finally realizing what Danielle muttered at the end hahaha.
  16. OK I think it's gonna be a little *crickets* here



    9 (@Remorque), 8.5 (@Dijah.)
    LOW 2 (@Hurricane Drunk), 4 (@Trouble in Paradise @soratami)

    Bees & Honey was a bonus track on the deluxe edition of SAWAYAMA, and features Coco Morier, whose songwriting credits include two of Britney's best deep cuts aka Heaven on Earth and How I Roll. However, it looks like barely anyone found heavy rotation out of her work producing the shortest track in the rate -achieved despite the fact Rina has a different one labeled as an interlude- and which clamors being broke with expensive taste and a love for partying. But it's really over before it has started, and personally I just find it an assortment of annoying sounds/hook especially. With the repetition they might as well have included the vengabus honking obnoxiously for extra measure!

    This steak is raw, says @R27 (4.5): "Undercooked". Simply put and hard to disagree! Of note is that this was the lowest scoring song of the album for a total of 7 people, myself included, which is about as many as there where for Chosen Family. Barely anyone has here for either of them.

    Plus @CorgiCorgiCorgi (7) has their mind on something different: "Now I'm thinking about Bee Movie. thanks Rina...". The hold that movie has on meme culture is quite... something isn't it. I still remember when I went to watch it on the cinema however long ago.

  17. Yeah, good riddance there, that one honestly just sounds more like a messy demo than a finished song. Don't have any scores below 6 left now.
  18. Probably one of the few decisions we can all agree on
  19. I hadn't heard that one before the rate and... I still wish that were true.
  20. I'll say the same thing about it that I said in her thread. That it sounds like the sort of song they'd play in a late 2000s teen movie during a shopping montage scene.
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