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Alt Pop 2020 Rate | #81 I don't want to be alone in my bedroom, on the internet

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Cutlery, Sep 15, 2021.

  1. Hey!! Not my fault "akasaka sawayama" alone is more memorable than HAIM's entire album!!!!!

    Welcome back! And don't worry, it happens - take your time!
  2. So happy to have you back @Cutlery let me know if you need any support-maybe a guest elim?-lord knows I owe you!!

    I forgot how ruthless I was scoring so let the mess begin!
  3. This is legitimately shocking for me? Akasaka Sad was my immediate standout from its parent album and still top 5 from it. Insane to see it go so soon.
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  4. Same here! It was an easy 10 for me, one of my favorite songs in the whole rate. I'm happy to have the rate back anyway, but I would love Rina to get a break.
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  5. [​IMG]



    10 (@boombazookajoe @Remorque), 9.5 (@Ana Raquel)
    LOW 3.5 (@Aester), 4 (@R27)

    Charli says that the title and lyrics of the song stemmed from a conversation over Zoom that she had with Dua, JLo, and the hosts of Apple Music's «At Home With» series. At one point, Jennifer recalls the time when Barbra Streisand asked to see her pink diamond engagement ring, circa 2002, product of her highly publicized relationship with Ben Affleck. Then she talked with her about how she handled being famous at a young age, and her modestly answering that being in the public eye is what she's known most, basically. So, Charli wrote that down as a song title.

    The sound came a little later, when Dijon sent her the aggressive, loud, screechy beat that would come to characterize the track. The story seems fitting for the self-hyping up lyrics that Charli half-delivers over the chaos, and doing her party for one in her room and her camera only. The incessant repetition of "I just wanna go real hard, pink diamond in the dark" is not lost on @godspeed (7), who nods: "It does go real hard".

    However, for others the song overstays its welcome despite barely making the 2-minute mark, as @R27 (4) states: "I remember being so turned off by this when I first listened to the album. I have no doubt that by this point in the pandemic a lot of people did 'just wanna go really hard', but this almost sounds like someone doing a Charli XCX parody; from the obnoxious production to the laughably basic lyrics". Shake It, I Got It, Unlock It... the list of Charli repeats goes on and on but, to your credit, pink diamond does fall on the least essential end of them.

    Finally, @Trouble in Paradise (7) explains his journey with the genre at large: "I’ve come a long way in my love for hyper-pop and my grief over SOPHIE (who I did not vibe with even when hosting my rate but I’ve come to adore) and my more open ears have come around to some of Ms XCX’s bleep bloops". Well as a bleep bloop music fan, this is not a direction I really want or need from it nor Charli - I'm glad it's the outlier from how i'm feeling now.

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  6. Oh, yikes.
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  7. Pink Diamond is my least favourite song on the album so good riddance dd.
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  8. Totally missed that elimination! I am no fan myself. I do like the story about J. Lo's pink diamond, though.
  9. Never understood the dislike for pink diamond, it's always been a highlight for me!

    Definitely shouldn't be losing more Charli anytime soon.
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