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Alt Pop 2020 Rate | #81 I don't want to be alone in my bedroom, on the internet

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Cutlery, Sep 15, 2021.

  1. She’s submitted. I’d like to thank seasonal depression for boosting Ms Bridger’s average even more
  2. OK so final hours just if any latecomers where about to submit... and because I still I'm working on finishing these first eliminations' write-ups and all. So with that said, expect results starting tomorrow!

  3. Ecstatic to see King Princess leaving first!

  4. Yeah, mix of work pressures and just not wanting to listen to Claire means I'll miss submission. Let it be known I would have given We Appreciate Power a zero. A song which personally revolts me. The sheer awkwardness in the rhythm of the titular lyric creates a twisting cringe in my gut that just immediately slammed the brakes on any attempt to rate her. I came so close to walking out when Hana performed it when opening for Rina. Horrid.

    And my 11 probably would have been the ultimate anti-weeb anthem: Tokyo Love Hotel.
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  5. I beg someone to just write (1) good opinion in this thread. Please.
  6. My scores are in!

    Miss Anthropocene 7.0
    SAWAYAMA 6.12
    how i'm feeling 7.77
    Punisher 9.35
    Women In Music, Part III 8.59
    La vita nuova 8.2
    Extras 7.08

    I am not ready for the Punisher cull that is most likely going to happen quite early in the rate but I'm still looking forward to the results and seeing what all of you have to say about these albums and songs.
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  7. So we think an album cut or an extra will fall first?
  8. If it's anything other than Ch*s*n F*m*ly, something must have gone very wrong somewhere along the way.
  9. I’m such a softie that it’s far from my lowest score given it’s sweet message! If it’s gonna be Rina, it should be Lucid but I’d guess an extra will fall first. Tangerine was a discovery for me that I enjoyed but gave me first cut vibes (a glut of 6s and no 10s in a rate full of forum faves)
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  10. [​IMG]

    Honestly, there hasn't been a single bad song named so far. I'm bracing for a world of PAIN (another 10!) in this rate.
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  11. R27


    Perched for this to start, but I can already feel the messery which will ensue when it does begin.
  12. I’m with you in supporting Tangerine but I’d be pleasantly surprised if Pain makes a quick exit
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  13. I also really like Tangerine. Not a 10 for me, but a 9!
  14. Perhaps surprising none



    10 (@Remorque @Oleander), 9.5 (@TéléDex)
    LOW 1 (@Jonathan27 @soratami), 2.5 (@Candy Perfume Girl)

    This sickly-sweet ballad, co-penned with longtime PC Music erudite Danny L Harle, of course is based on the communities formed from queer people all over this world when blood relationships just aren't available or worse, threaten you when living freely. What can be a bit puzzling is that, with this background and the general quality at which Rina operates in, that the song feels... like a chore. So much of a hassle, that it was dead last from the start and never had the slightest chance of climbing out of that hole. Poor it. Where is @Ana Raquel when you are counting on her to show up somewhere in this section, huh?? Oh, here she is (7, which is higher than you will see for some tracks on you-know-who's album) saying that: "The feat. with Elton made me warm up to it. It's still a cute girl with an important message... just not what I would listen to (Shocking! I know)". Your crimes will be trialed by the time we are halfway through the countdown.

    Oh and surely Chosen Family needed all the help it could get when re-done for the album's deluxe, but we got Elton John and a full piano live performance instead. I shiver. Does anyone think it's a good thing? @TéléDex (9.5) does, stating that: "I prefer the Elton John duet. Otherwise, it doesn't feel like a full queer anthem that I believe is meant to sung between two people of different ages, and I am not going to be feeding into that anti-Elton nonsense, like with Sine from Above last year. Don't @ me, zoomers!" Too late! Elton hate is now host-approved. However, @R27 (4) does not: "The fact that they were able to make this dreary ballad even worse with the Elton John remix...", you can say that again. She looked so confident in that video though! At the end of the day, he's one of her idols and a respected icon.

    And look, sure, the electronic flourishes are welcome, as @CorgiCorgiCorgi (7) puts it: "A touch sappy, but lovely production". Plus Sawayama gives an actually emotive performance just right, but that guitar and the percussion, and the Pokémon-sponsored bridge are a lackluster afterthought. Just look at the top comment on the audio upload correctly assessing that this would've been a dead cert for an overwrought, cringy Glee cover back in the day.

    Either way, I'm sure it has been getting closeted and out folks alike feeling emotional when she's performing it in her current tour at the moment #MainAltPopGirlEra. Hopefully that includes @Trouble in Paradise (6), who says: "Again, the message is stronger than the music". And you know, that's good enough for me! Let's check out a few of those, actually. I'm putting these behind separate spoilers, in case this site still causes aneurysms on its mobile users when it comes to video embeds.

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  15. This song is shit and the Elton version made it 8x worse.
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  16. Well it's not my lowest score but not complaining either. Also @Cutlery's graphics on point as usual!
  17. What comes next is...

    A full 180 dd



    10 (@sfmartin), 9 (@boombazookajoe)
    LOW 3 (@Hurricane Drunk), 4 (@BubblegumBoy @Aester @Trouble in Paradise @Jonathan27)

    Darkseid is the name of a DC comics villain, one of the most powerful in fact. But the connection really ends with that being a starting point for the atmospheric start in the song. With the concept of every song in Ms. Anthropology being related to an "AI god", the song details the aftermath of the loss of a loved one to suicide. If any of you read the translated lyrics over at Genius, it's quite heavy stuff. I was probably left better off not looking into them... Darkseid indeed.

    Unfortunately, the language barrier was a deciding factor for the vast majority of us, and as such, we were left with not a lot more to go off from other than a very autotuned vocal from PAN's usual fast flow that not even I, as a Charli stan, can really stomach. I'm still a SCREAM apologist though! And so is @godspeed (7.5): "SCREAM's darker, emo and not quite as good little sister". According to the artist herself, she was going for a "goth banger" aesthetic. Apparently. I do like what the song is going for initially, and can even be content with Grimes just popping up to sing unintelligibly sometimes, but the end result is what it is I guess: better left in concept.

    Someone who's not happy about a potential Mandarin crossover is @Trouble in Paradise (4): "On first listen, I thought Grimes was rapping in another language and I was ready to use a 0. Thanfully, it is not her so she avoids that, but I still don't like the song". This does not bode well for the poliglot chanteuse included in this rate at all, I'm afraid. I close off with the analysis of Miss Anthropocene's #1 fan themself, @sfmartin (10): "An anxious, frenetic bop punctured by bursts from the awesome 潘PAN whose verses are draped assymemetrically over booming thunderclouds of bass. Its a hypnotic and compelling mix".

    I don't think this would translate well live besides an underground club 5 am avatar-projected digital-enhanced outing where both give a high energy performance, so no video of it exists at least for now. Enjoy the visual with lyrics (or do so with the audio in mute) I suppose.

  18. Dear god. My soul is thoroughly unrested at this result. This does not bode well for me and my scores.
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  19. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Gagged at Chosen Family being the first song out - the message is great but as a song it is kind of bad, but I'm sure her younger fans find it incredibly important for them.
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