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Alt Pop 2020 Rate | #95 Without my genes or my blood

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Cutlery, Sep 15, 2021.

  1. Footage of you at the Punisher store
  2. Let me just give this thread a little bump because I was just having a look at the rate queue and realised I had totally forgotten about this rate ddd. Planning on starting soon!
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  3. I just finished listening to the playlist, and I think the extras might end up getting my highest average


    Going a bit more international with the selection with artists like Javiera Mena and Yerin Baek was definitely a great idea.
  4. She's voted.

    Miss Anthropocene 7.818
    SAWAYAMA 6.765
    how i'm feeling now 8.545
    Punisher 7.2
    WIMPIII 8.438
    La vita nuova 8.2
    Extras 8.32
  5. [​IMG]
  6. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I've pretty much scored all these just got a few of the extras to go through <3
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  7. Well, that album... doesn't really have the same level of quality control as the other ones, let's just say that. I like most of it, but there are a couple of songs that really brought the average down.
  8. R27


    I'm slowly making my way through this!
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  9. It’s funny cause I could score half of thus by memory but need to make myself listen to the other half more to give it a fair shake
  10. I'm done!

    Grimes: 8.17
    Rina: 8.81
    Charli: 8.2
    Phoebe: 8.94
    Haim: 7.65
    Christine: 9.06
    Extras: 8.26

    I can just tell these results are going to get messy...
  11. I really need to remind myself to listen to grimes and charli with an open mind for such different reasons
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  13. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I’m being so stingy with my marks because the material here is just beyond.
  14. I hadn't listened to Miss Anthropocene before and I was surprised how much I liked it. So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth was probably my favourite discovery here.
  15. Delete Forever might nab my 11 but Grimes is definitely my lowest average nn.

    I need to properly sit down with Christine's project because I'm not familiar with it at all, once I have some more spins under my belt I can knock this out quick!
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  16. Alright now that i've sent in my Girls Aloud ballot, this is my next priority!

  17. That's the Alt Pop 2021 rate winner sorted then.
  18. I listened to Punisher for the first time today and................................... sorry in advance. I really tried, though!
  19. I just. I don't really want to listen to Grimes any more.
  20. This rate is gonna be a mess isn't it...?
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