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ALT POP GIRLS RATE: COVEN - Pray you catch these...

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Phonetics Boy, Apr 27, 2020.

  1. sometimes you lose - 7 Beyoncé told you so.

    I know, very inspired commentary.
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  2. I am a bit confused. I thought Pang was a big thing on this forum in also the month charts and such. I am not the biggest fan of it but I had no idea I wasnot alone.
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  3. The heat is killing me you guys and I hate it!
    I'll soon be back to posting 2 eliminations a day,
    but rn my brain is refusing co-operation.

    You can train me, tame me, estrange me from my family, make my life a fantasy

    Take advantage of the fact that I am young and don't know what to run from




    Highest: 10x4 @Phonetics Boy @fatyoshi @ohnostalgia @Trouble in Paradise
    Lowest: 5.5x1 @klow

    #5: 30 (8.5)
    #10: 58 (7.83)
    #15: 59 (7.82)
    #20: 61 (7.88)
    #25: 62 (7.82)
    #28: 71 (7.83695652)

    Why her? Montaigne came into my life on the 14th December 2015 with a fancy-titled “A Cinematic Plea For An End.” I was intrigued, to say the least, with the odd harshly organic, at times, sound she had going on on her debut EP and it had soon entered regular rotation in my household, as did the 2016 LP Glorious Heights, which houses the PJSC bronze medalist “Because I Love You.” So, by the time "For Your Love" was released in late 2018 as the lead single off her sophomore, Complex, I'd already been what you can call a pretty big fan. There was still the oddness I first fell in love with, but instead hard-edged folk rock, it was filtered through subtle electronic flourishes and vocal effects that did not make me want to run for the hills. Long story short, I decided to plug it in any capacity appropriate and that’s how it ended up in the Extras section.

    In the commentary land, it's comparison-fest:

    @godspeed (7.5) identifies the point of reference I've been using in all my recommendations: "This reminds me a lot of St Vincent."

    @constantino (8.5) brings up the song Ms. Cerro is representing Australia at Eurovision for the foreseeable corona-future with: "Not quite as excellent as Don’t Break Me (**STUDIO VERSION**), but I mildly enjoy her Mowgli’s Road era stuff too."

    For poor @Trouble in Paradise this is the third loss (10) in a row: "Montaigne has such a unique vocal tone that when she matches it with a song as dynamic as “For Your Love” I can’t help but stan! The production is incredible helping to create the different chapters the song tells. I quite honestly thought there were multiple Montaigne songs in this rate cause this song just serves so many different moods and hooks."

    Is that how we repay him for serving consistent on-point write-ups for each song, really?

    I haven't clocked before today that's technically a part of a tie @ 70, but, as I warned before, I can't math, so we're going to go with alphabetical order reveals, k thx.
    The artists mentioned yesterday continue not to be safe.
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  4. At least i can take comfort in the tasteful members who also have a 10 to Montaigne!
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  5. I don't remember how this goes... sorry to this woman
    I kid, let me get into the music
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  6. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

  7. The way we progressively took it from #30 to #71
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  8. for your love - 9 I hear shades of St. Vincent, which is enough for me to stan. Another discovery in the basket.
  9. Ah, what the hell - let's get this over with

    I can be the one

    If you can be the one




    Highest: 10x2 @Phonetics Boy @Music Is Life
    Lowest: 3x1 @Hurricane Drunk

    #5: 37 (8.25)
    #10: 57 (7.83)
    #15: 71 (7.46)
    #20: 75 (7.58)
    #25: 74 (7.70)
    #28: 70 (7.83695652)

    We're going *plane emoji* baroque here, ladiezz! Sailing the deep and tranquil sea swimming pool surface is Anna Calvi, the first multiple-entried artist out of the competition. Let's be honest, the Extras section was made for songs like these, overly lengthy (as if!) masterpieces of mood that scream #39 in PJSC. Where else was I gonna stan this?

    In order to do that, I'll be economical with words and give the floor to our esteemed commenters whose tongues seem to have loosened under the power of this deep cut, as whopping five (5) of them had something nice to say about it! Places 87-71 can only wish!

    @godspeed (8) opens, name-checking yet another album highlight: "The way the opening guitar goes from having an 80s-rock feel, making a lot of sense coming right after "Indies or Paradise" on the album, to building into a truly dreamy, bewitching and charming atmosphere... Very very nice."

    According to @pop3blow2 (9) it "sounds like the lost song to some 70’s film," which is, like, the highest praise that can be given, if you ask me.

    @Cutlery finally gives a decent score (8.5) to a song on this album: "an acoustic moment. i love the commitment to the swimming pool and the shadow imagery."

    @Trouble in Paradise (9.5) conjures up some vivid imagery: "This song just takes me all the way out. It feels like someone describing a hazy teenage memory full of romantic miscommunication and drug fueled lust mistaken for love. Or is that just me?" Nah, this reminds me of how music would make me feel before I got put on duloxetine. Bye, feeling anything at all!

    @constantino (9) ends the write-up on a note both accurate and prescient: "Absolutely transcendent, and will absolutely be done dirty." Then where was your 10??

    Tomorrow might get busy, so I'll try to post a what's-left update and the final stats for Anna.
    Anything else is uncertain.
  10. Well at least she isn't dead last as far as averages go, no?
  11. TOP 69

    thousand eyes
    home with you
    sad day
    holy terrain
    mary magdalene
    fallen alien
    mirrored heart

    south london forever
    big god
    sky full of song
    100 years
    the end of love
    no choir

    hit me where it hurts
    look at me now
    ocean of tears
    caroline shut up
    so hot you're hurting feels

    a lot's gonna change
    something to believe
    mirror forever
    wild time
    picture me better

    pushin against the wind
    due west
    foreign car
    poor fake
    i'm not in love


    all mirrors
    true blue
    the mysterious vanishing of electra
    kids in the dark
    the hunger
    desert man
    need a little more time
    black hole
    cowgirl bebop
    without a blush
    stay with me
    red bull & hennessy
    take me to the disco
    tear me to pieces
    cop car
    stock image
    comeback kid
    velvet 4 sale
    mad as hell

    Speculate, say what you want out in the next 10 cuts, whatever!
    Just don't make me double post again.

  12. Let me name a few things I'd like to see out:

    Mad as Hell
    Velvet 4 Sale
    Anything from Ms. Khan

    I think that we can expect a bit of an extras cull but then it's going to be carnage with the rest of the albums. Pang should catch a break now
  13. I can’t at y’all doing Ms Calvi this dirty! She’s such a talent and both of those songs are SUCH moods! Agreed that Ms Khan needs to start losing something and Ms Polachek needs to be left alone.
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  14. I want hands and thousand eyes to leave next as they're my two lowest scores.
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  15. The early part of this rate had been weird for me.

    So, as I get to in some of my commentary, it took me a while to warm up to Pang. Once I did though, I really like a lot of it. I was not here for this early bleed out of that album. Oddly though, three of my lowest scores and least fave songs from Pang, are what is left!

    As such, I kinda want Pang to be left alone for a while, but that based on my scores it's what I should be calling for. @Phonetics Boy causing me all kinds of cognitive dissonance.
  16. Ms. Khan and her excellent songs keeping the people talking I see. Icon.

  17. Mad As Hell is still there?
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  18. How can, two people

    Trying to create love make such a mess?




    Highest: 10x1 @Music Is Life
    Lowest: 4x1 @LE0Night

    #5: 56 (7.875)
    #10: 71 (7.55)
    #15: 64 (7.75)
    #20: 65 (7.83)
    #25: 73 (7.73)
    #28: 69 (7.84782609)

    Why her? HANA’s been on my radar ever since March 2016 and her self-titled EP (which, btw, spawned two PJSC top 3 hits, “Clay” and “Underwater”, making HANA the highest scoring PJSC artist of all time. Not everybody has that!) I was obsessed with “Underwater” and “Chimera” for a good while, so naturally when “Black Hole” came out at the back of her G****s’ collab I anticipated it to be the lead single to a new project. Things got kind of quiet for a bit, though, and when HANADRIEL arrived later that year, it was nowhere to be found on the tracklist. Would I call it a dissapointment? Sorta, yes. To tell you the truth, I think "Black Hole" is a cute girl, but definitely the least impressive Extra. Still, it was a good call to include it as HANA's second entry, as several of you will surely agree...

    ...for example, @godspeed (9): "I've heard people on this forum and on Twitter talk about HANA times and times again... She was featured on a Grimes song, she did a remix from Chairlift a few years back and I feel like I've seen the "Black Hole" artwork everywhere. It was about time that I listened to some of her music. When I pushed play on this song - not literally, I use Spotify premium not a tape player - I went in expecting PC music and sci-fi-influenced electronic pop. To say I was surprised by what I heard would be an understatement. This is so ethereal and soft... it sounds like a classic soft pop-rock jam from the early-2000s with a few elements that adds a dreamy and surrealistic feel to it. I could totally see Caroline Polachek sing that... It's fantastic!"

    This time, simplicity is not a dealbreaker for @Trouble in Paradise (8.5): "In an alt-pop rate that often veers very alt, this song goes head long into pop territory and I love it. I’m a sucker for planetary orbit lyricism and HANA pulls it off well."

    @pop3blow2 (9.5)'s taken aback: "Oh wow. This is so good. Have I heard HANA before? I don’t know, but I think I really like her." Check out her earlier tracks! They might sound familiar...

    The next two days will bring double eliminations for certain artists and.... I'm totally not in the right frame of mind to write about them the way I want to. They deserved at least top 40, goddam it!
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  19. Black Hole is cute but does pale a little when up against her debut EP.
    I'm... expecting one of those double artist eliminations to be Kelsey. I'm not ready for it
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