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ALT POP GIRLS RATE: COVEN | TOP 3 | I'll take the sword

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Phonetics Boy, Apr 27, 2020.

  1. Moving in the dark now

    Can't stop the night without your touch

    Say it like you want to

    Say you'll love me forever




    Highest: 10x1 @soratami
    Lowest: 5x1 @fatyoshi

    #5: 80 (7)
    #10: 82 (7.05)
    #15: 75 (7.41)
    #20: 69 (7.73)
    #25: 76 (7.64)
    #28 75 (7.65217391)

    Why her? She’s Australian, so…
    Jk, I enjoyed her 2018 debut, Sugar Mountain, and this year’s EP, Stranger Heart, is even meatier, so I picked my fave single from it. The melody feels uplifting and nostalgic at the same time… and that’s sorta it. Anyone have anything more eloquent to say?

    Fortunately @LE0Night (5.5) has: "Jack River being here was also a nice surprise, I'd literally just found her (and this song specifically too) before this rate kicked up, I'm pretty sure I caught it from one of ohnostalgia's FYC playlists. She reminds me of Charly Bliss, never a bad thing." That might've been added by me, nn.

    @godspeed (8): "When this started, I thought "oh ok, this is cute." But when that first chorus kicked in, it turned into a B.O.P. that I was not prepared for." Yes, I adore that chorus!

    @Trouble in Paradise (8.5): "Not my favorite Jack River song, but gotta love her vocal tone and attitude."
    Hope one of the below-posted does more for you!
    It was hard limiting myself to pick just one for her.

    Just one today cause I feel like sobbing while staring at a wall. Not at my best atm.​
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  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    U.S Girls should not be losing any songs for a while how dare any of you.
  4. <3 Thanks, I should be soon.
  5. The amount of 8+ scores i've lost so far...not ideal.

    Also feel better @Phonetics Boy !
  6. I know I said it'd be eliminated early but I really didn't want Jack to lose out so soon. I think she's an incredible talent and Sugar Mountain was an amazing debut. I haven't checked out the EP other than this, but I feel like she could easily carve a Maggie Rogers style space for herself.

    Also feel better love!
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  7. new normal - 8 Twangy alt pop at its finest. If Ocarina Of Time was made today, this is what I would imagine hearing in Lon Lon Ranch.

    Insomnia - 7.5 Charli's Lucky dark and twister sister.

    later flight - 9 What an intro, and then it turns into a rock banger ala Metric? I realized I’ve been sitting on her album for way too long so let me catch up on that.
  8. Thank you guys! I'm feeling better today.

    Tomorrow I'm relocating to my family house, so I'll be taking a one-day break from eliminations.

    Anyway, let's throw out two at once: an extra....

    I opened the door wide

    I wanted to survive





    Highest: 10x1 @Phonetics Boy
    Lowest: 5x1 @Hurricane Drunk

    #5: 24 (8.75)
    #10: 41 (8.14)
    #15: 66 (7.725)
    #20: 67 (7.76)
    #25: 71 (
    #28: 74 (7.74565217)

    Why her? As far as I’m concerned, Hunter was one of 2018’s best albums, so of course I had to find a way to cram the highlights somewhere. The eponymous track is an ode to the ephemeral nature of pleasure and, instrumentation-wise, it sounds like it could have been on I Never Learn. There’s plenty light-and-shade to the performance, but honestly, it’s all about the track’s vibe. Intoxicating and foreboding, superbly aiding the lyrics in painting a picture of… being intoxicated, I guess. I’m not really able to do Hunter justice in mere words. (I’m also bad at words.)

    Guess who isn't?
    @Trouble in Paradise (9): "I re-discovered Anna Calvi when collecting artists for my 20Gayteen Rate and what a great moment it was. Her vocals are so powerful and her songwriting has such a distinct personal edge to it. I love the way she bends her voice on the chorus here."

    A noted Calvi-anti, @Cutlery (6), remarks: "hmm well there's parts i like, but it's all a bit dusted off power ballad that shows its wear through the years. great vocals beautiful vocals."

    And it proved to be a moment of discovery for @godspeed (8.5): "I've never listened to Anna Calvi although I remember seeing the artwork for Hunter and One Breath EVERYWHERE at the time they were released, and... maybe I was missing on something? "Hunter" is a beautifully produced song. The synths give it an atmospheric feel and remind me a bit of some Bruce Springsteen tracks from the 80s and early-90s ("I'm On Fire", "Streets of Philadelphia", "Secret Garden"). They also create a haunting feeling about this song. Anna Calvi's vocals feel both fragile and powerful. This is really stunning, one of my favorite discoveries from this rate!"

    ...and a main album track!

    And it hit me like a brick

    A joke without a punchline

    A script that nobody read

    If you saw me lying here

    Through my bedroom ceiling

    You would have me pick up my head

    And go as a dream




    Highest: 10x4 @pop3blow2 @Trouble in Paradise @godspeed @Oleander
    Lowest: 5x1 @Stradiwhovius

    #5: 85 (6.6)
    #10: 77 (7.25)
    #15: 76 (7.36)
    #20: 77 (7.5)
    #25: 72 (7.74)
    #28: 73 (

    These processed, mam!

    The 10-givers, trio of whom left commentary will not be happy with me.

    @pop3blow2 (10) deems it: "Divine. Maybe my favorite thing on this album." Well, at least it escaped bottom 5 here...

    Speaking of reasons @Verandi and I are not in each others rates, @Trouble in Paradise (10) raves: "My god, she went full Enya and absolutely crushed it. The pizzicato meshed with the vibrating synths is so freaking lush! Then the way she just opens up the chorus in the sweetest release. I really hope y’all don’t sleep on this one!" I slept.

    Am really sorry to do this to @godspeed (10): "I listened to PANG on heavy rotation throughout this past winter, and I'm not exactly sure why but this song fitted this season so beautifully. "Go As A Dream" is incredibly delicate and has a lot of warmth which creates a striking contrast with the songs that come right before it on PANG. It reminds me of "Watching Me Without You" from Kate Bush's Hounds of Love because in the context of the emotionally tense and suffocating Ninth Wave suite, this song appears as a moment of peace and reflection in the midst of a storm. "Go As A Dream" feels the exact same way to me and it never fails to bring me comfort and consolation. I know it's a rather sad song but, as I mentioned in my commentary for other songs included in this rate because they share a similar thematic (see MAGDALENE), I find something very comforting in accepting a difficult and painful situation and letting things or people go even it hurts. To me, it appears as the first step of moving on and that's sort of the idea that I'm getting from this song. Caroline Polachek is letting go of her ex-lover. She's not necessarily at peace with herself because as she sings "I don't know if I can make this peace," but she knows this is what she should work towards and the only way to be at peace with an ex-lover and with yourself after the relationship is over is to let this person go. I'm not sure if that's what "Go As A Dream" is about but it's a beautiful sentiment and a stunning song. Caroline Polachek also played a piano version of this track for KEXP and it was unbelievably beautiful and moving."

    Least I can do is embed it after such a lovely piece of commentary:

  9. Nn the Caroline massacre... I like to see it but also please leave Hit Me alone
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Caroline's album is probably my lowest rated out of the 5, but omg... let her breathe!
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  12. I thought “Hunter” leaving hurt then I scrolled down. How could y’all?! Also @godspeed that commentary was perfect! The Kate reference was right on point!!
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  13. I hear the Watching You without Me comparisons but that's also by far my least played song in Hounds of Love so nn
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  14. No one should ever have a least played song on Hounds of Love.
  15. The fact that none of the people who tanked Pang gave any commentary to defend their scores... What is it about this masterpiece that you dislike so much?
  16. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Okay, that was the last dud track from Pang. We can stop for awhile.
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  17. Now you're spending all your time with another

    I imagine she is beautiful and wild

    Do you whisper softly that you love her?

    Does she sleep in your arms just like a child?




    Highest: 10x4 @Trouble in Paradise @soratami @Oleander @Music Is Life
    Lowest: 6x3 @fatyoshi @slaybellz @klow

    #5: 72 (7.5)
    #10: 75 (7.33)
    #15: 74 (7.43)
    #20: 74 (7.61)
    #25: 70 (7.76)
    #28: 72 (7.82608696)

    Why her? Catherine Pierce aka the blonde one from The Pierces. Need I say any more? If you haven’t yet, get into them. There’s five albums of quality folk/indie pop ahead of you.

    Cat, as opposed to her sis Alison, hasn’t released a solo album yet, but she has enough stand-alonecreleases to make one. Her first single away from the band, “You Belong To Me” stormed PJSC 80 and this just shows my cluelessness when it comes to these things, cause before @Maki send it in, I was considering entering a completely different song for her. If “You Belong To Me” was giving us moody early Caitlan del Jenrey vibe, “Sometimes You Lose” turns up the drama to 11, casting the singer in the role of a ~~sadcore*torch(*)balladeer}}, mourning a failed relationship. I’d be lying if I said, I wouldn’t have preferred this to go in the 80s. It’s not quite as special as at least 10 songs we’ve kicked out so far.

    Let's survey the crowd (lol)

    @constantino (7) relates: "Don’t I know it, gurl..."

    @Trouble in Paradise (10) losing streak ain't ending today: "Cat Pierce is another artist I didn’t know until this rate section and god did I fall in love on first listen. She’s got this gorgeous smokey soul singer tone that just melds perfectly in this alt-pop zone. She completely owns the chorus which is a complete earworm." But surely you do know The Pierces? Don't you?

    @LE0Night (8.5) shocks me with the Pierce being a discovery for them as well: "Of the few girls in this line-up I hadn't heard of before (Troi, Montaigne and October among them), Cat Pierce was my favourite of the lot by some distance You already have that Beyonce gif loaded and ready for its elimination, haven't you. She reminds me of Cornelia Murr a bit."
    Actually no, I don't have that Beyonce gif.
    But another altpop girl I'm gonna have to check out?


    Now I'm tempted to embed all the The Pierces classics y'all were missing out on, but let's stick to the assignment while making an exception fot the 2020 re-recording of "Secret" in the style of Cat's new sound.

    Later on we will wave goodbye to another extra.
    Anna Calvi, Jenny Lewis, Montaigne, Courtney Barnett, Zola Jesus, Anna von Hausswolff.
    Which witch will be the one to fall just before top 70?

  18. The Pierces were a band I'd circle around and find a random song on a playlist but never dug into. Fixing that now! Also both this elimination and the clue to the next one is a reminder that I have to start just celebrating al these songs cause most cuts are gonna hurt!
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