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ALT POP GIRLS RATE: COVEN | TOP 5 | i'm not the only one who burns inside

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Phonetics Boy, Apr 27, 2020.

  1. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    WOAH I thought this would do....really well?? It's a frightening banger!
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  2. This is not the 1000 eyes that I wanted out first...
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  3. I don't like either thousand eyes so either is fine
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  4. Am I considering cancelling the other elimination today because Spotify scrobbling is down?

    In other news, I'm sorry for losing @Sprockrooster's commentary. I will be paying more attention to ensure that doesn't happen again. Luckily, so far only the Hey Big Eyes write-up was affected and I fixed that. So, if anyone wants to catch up, I'm updating the 3rd post in the thread with links to eliminations on a daily basis. Discovering that I don't have to copy and paste to do that every time was the best thing about this rate!
  5. No worries!!
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  6. The Gate (4) was the perfect first elimination and my lowest score in the rate. I love the more ethereal songs on Pang, but this is not it.
    Strangers (7) is a good song, but I must admit that I forgot what it sounded like. Not my least favorite extra, but a fair elimination. Same goes for Jim (6.5)

    Hey Big Eyes (5)
    is my second lowest score in the rate, so I'm happy it got out. But that was the moment to give Caroline some rest...

    I think I underscored I Give Up (6.5) a bit. It's definitely on another level than some of the songs that are still in. It's still one of the weaker songs on the album, so I'm not that mad.

    I'm not mad about Deadbody (6) and Do Si Do (7) either. Good songs, but not as good as what's still in. My average score is an 8, so anything that's below it is a fair elimination in my books.

    So I was not amused with the elimination of New Normal (8). It's catchy as hell and I love the lyrics, presenting random moments in a friendship. But I expected this to be out as the first track from Pang, so I'm glad it survived for a bit.

    Too Much (6) is not as interesting as the other songs on Blood, it's the correct first elimination from that album.

    But I'm maaaaaad about Insomnia (9) leaving. I didn't expect a song like this to do great in a rate on a pop music forum, but it's honestly one of the best songs. I love the bops on Pang, but Caroline should make a full ambient pop album with this soundscape.

    1000 Eyes (7) is nice but I swear if you all did twigs thousand eyes wrong... I'm not ready for that.
  7. I disconnected my Spotify account and connected again after 15 minutes and it works again for me. Have you tried that?
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  8. Welp there goes the streams I gave to Clairo's Immunity yesterday dd
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  9. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Caroline’s album is very uneven. I’m glad most of you agree with me on the elimination order.
  10. Oh Due West is the last song that got scrobbled though, TASTE
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  11. Yep, but I still had to manually scrobble all that was lost since it went down (and I don't trust it to not malfunction again, so I'm checking up on it nervously after every song). The emotional distress...far too much!

    I'll throw out another song later, but it's a 10, so I'm procrastinating nn
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  12. They're always watching you




    Highest: 10x1 @Phonetics Boy
    Lowest: 2x1 @Hurricane Drunk

    #5: 66 (7.7)
    #10: 74 (7.425)
    #15: 78 (7.283)
    #20: 78 (7.3625)
    #25: 78 (7.48)
    #28: 76 (7.625)

    “On the track “Why Knock For You,” Lu says that she had written a melody, but then decided she wanted to hear it in a completely different way. “I decided to flip it in reverse, and I found that melody that I ended up liking the most,” she says with a laugh. “I said 'That's it. I'm not putting any words to it. This is living in an entity of its own.' And then I pushed myself to actually write some lyrics to it.”

    Oh god… I really don’t possess the vernacular to talk about how much this song astounds me. Lu gives us dramatic vocal runs, ghostly moans, a slightly unnerving, but still intriguing atmosphere and then that chillingly real-life bridge comes in: “I can't breathe in there, I need some air.” Why knock for you if they can get a no-knock warrant?

    Embarrassingly, I just connected the dots on what she’s singing about tonight, and well I’m just sitting here staring at the screen with my mind racing over images but no words. “Why Knock For You” is important. As important in 2020, as it would be in any other year, but extra poignant with the world seemingly paying more attention to the Black Experience now than ever. If only some material change could come from that, huh.

    Our commenters had quite similar thoughts:
    @Trouble in Paradise (8.5) brands the song "A mood and a half." Then how come I'm the only 10?

    @godspeed (8.5) gives me tour guide teas: "A bit of a darker song. It's a bit eerie and more of a mood piece I think. It's very captivating though, introducing new elements to Kelsey Lu's production and preparing us for the next few very surprising songs." The bops, you mean!

    Anyway, tomorrow brings two more Extra eliminations, from artists we haven't seen yet.
    Take some guesses, cause I'm bored!
  13. This is exactly what I meant. I was trying to sound intelligent.
  14. As far as eliminations go, this one doesn't hurt and I loved the write up!

    My guesses for tomorrow: Bats for Lashes (pleeease!!) & maybe Meg Myers? I am nervous for U.S. Girls still...
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  15. A bit early for "Knock" and I'd much rather have seen 'Atlantic' take its place. Poignant and properly eerie. And of course she is serving ghoul vocal range and I stan.
  16. Only losing .75 points from voter 5 to voter 28, but 10 spots on the leaderboard. Oh boy. This rate could be brutal.

    Anna Calvi & U.S. Girls (keep in mind, these are just guesses not choices for what I'm calling for! ddd)

    I hope not!
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  17. Rosebud - U.S. Girls
    Later Flight - Jack River
    Could be next. But leave the other U.S. Girls songs alone for a while.
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  18. Surely Mad as Hell would be U.S. Girls' first track, wouldn't it?
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  19. Why do ppl hate Mad As Hell. Issa banger.
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  20. M.A.H. has always been one of my favorites on In A Poem Unlimited, along with Time, Poem and Incidental Boogie. Rosebud en Velvet 4 Sale are probably my least favorites on that album. But I really think every track is better in context of the album.
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