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ALT POP GIRLS RATE: COVEN (vote by 17th July)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Phonetics Boy, Apr 27, 2020.

  1. Since opening this rate snakes started manifesting in my house, I have known no peace, etc.

    But I ask why? Why did she have to drag innocent WOC into whatever point she was tryna make? She doesn't know what she's talking about (and neither do I since I didn't even read the entire post, not worth it).

    I obviously don't want to void the effort of people who already voted but I'm not going to ask anyone to rate Norman Fucking Rockwell now. It's optional now and won't be a part of the main countdown. I'm also canceling the watch2gether session cause I'm just bummed out. The timing of this rate really sucks, what can I say.
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  2. Ugh sending you love and thanks for making the tough choice! If anything the bright side is now we have more time to comb through the extras! I’m sure the rate will still be marvelous!
  3. Don't push yourself over the watch2gether thing. If you need the time off take it, we understand and I personally want to just thank you for opening this and getting the enthusiasm of AltPG going back up
  4. It's totally okay and you haven't done anything wrong at all, this speaks volumes about you. It's a sad situation that definitely clouds our perception of an otherwise fantastic album, but we still have a lot of beautiful music from our alt-girls to go through together!
  5. This rate has got a little more manageable for me by making Lana Del Rey optional even though I’m not the demographic that’s been affected by her insensitivity. I just don’t feel comfortable listening to her music and as a white woman I don’t want to support artists who disrespect WoC to uplift themselves and then try to play victim despite not recognising their own White Privilege.
  6. How about we change Lana with Bat for Lashes ?

  7. What I would love to see is a discography rate for Bat for Lashes. So many 10s!

    Anyway, thanks for your encouraging responses, guys! I've been feeling quite emotional for the past few days and the last thing I needed was Lana causing so much negativity. I haven't trusted her since that weird church thingy but then it was all about the new album and I never got entirely on board with it, so I'm glad to put it on the side-line just to ensure nothing from it wins the rate. No other changes apart from this, we're essentially halfway through the voting period and things not going according to plan stress me out a lil too much.

    On a more positive note, Titanic Rising has really opened up to me around my 5th listen! I feel like it's impossible to have a well-formed opinion on any of the albums here after playing them once. They really warrant attention which is something I stopped giving to new releases long ago because I just couldn't keep up with the sheer volume. I'm grateful to this rate for actually making me give music some space to grow. I struggle with playing an album more than twice these days, even if I love it, so that was a nice change of pace.
  8. The greatest was my 11.

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  9. Fortunately for me, my 11 was never with Lana

  10. Damn it! I just realised - poor @Sprockrooster! Should I offer a replacement 11, since giving it to Lana doesn't affect the final outcome of the rate? Like, obviously there's nothing wrong with the choice of an 11, but some people surely would be discouraged from using their one perfect score on a side-rate.

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  11. Uh. Dafuq. What a fucking mess. Obviously from Lana and not here.

    Lana was lowkey the only reason I participated. Let me check the songlist again, cause no worthy 11 comes to mind. But no 11 for Lana neither. Poor Cinnamon Girl.
  12. Oh wait ddd. My runner-up is right there!!!
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  13. Florence is close, but the witchiest woman in rock has to be Jinx Dawson of Coven, she has been doing her act for half a century.
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  14. The Lana album becoming optional has made my interest in this rate sky-rocket to be honest. (Not that the other albums included aren't good/interesting by themselves, but Lana has always kind of put me off.) I might take part in this. The extras set featuring HANA and Anna Calvi etc. looks particularly good.
  15. I was excited to revisit NFK through this rate cause I haven't since it's release and I loved it...but now...well, I'm glad it was made optional. I doubt I'll rate it, as I just don't think I could be objective with my scores right now, despite not being personally affected by her comments. But one of my best friends is a WOC and it kills me how much she's gone through for that. So thank you @Phonetics Boy for making that decison, and I just wanna send some love and hugs and respect your way.
  16. So last night I began going through the extras and sweet lord! The talent! The 10s! I’m so excited to discover!!
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  17. I’m already familiar with Pang and Magdalene I still need to listen to High As Hope, Titanic Rising and the extras. I listened to Blood last night I shall be forever grateful to this rate for introducing me to the ethereal disco bop that is Poor Fake.
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  18. Wake up, voters
    It's getting late now
    Fell so hard like I always do
    I'm so scared of rating alone
    It's true, it's true

    We're halfway through the voting period! How's your ballot coming along?

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