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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by filmnoirish, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. Anyone else a fan or a listener of this underrated new wave/post-punk tracks. They had such a unique sound with Clare Grogan's little girl vocals, they rocking but very giddy and they had a lot of amazing pop songs.

    Someone else like them here?
  2. I'm a huge fan of their first two albums actually.
  3. My other half was a big fan of early Altered Images. They are one of those bands I like but would never really think of putting on their albums. For me their best singles were 'Don't Talk To Me About Love' and of course 'Dead Pop Stars'. I think Claire Grogan followed in the tradition of many late 70's early 80's female singers in that her voice was a bit like marmite...... which is a good thing!
  4. Clare's voice was both their charm and their undoing. On the early pop stuff it matched the music perfectly. On the more sophisticated sound of 'Bite' her voice sounds horrid on some of it, especially 'Bring me closer' she sounds like a five year old singing on a Donna Summer track. 'Don't talk to me about love' is bliss though. Such a great song.
  5. Aside from being one of my earliest crushes (thanks as much to Gregory's Girl as those iconic TOTP appearances), I've always liked their stuff. Keep meaning to dig deeper than just the hits, and picked up the new(ish) 2CD anthology not long ago so I can finally have a proper listen to the rest of their music.

  6. Dont Talk To Me About Love could easily be a Saint Etienne song now. Im also quite partial to I Could be Happy.
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