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Alternate Album Artwork

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by chrisconfessed, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. I'm fascinated by albums that nearly were, track-list changes (hello Erotica and The Art of Letting Go), whole recording sessions dropped (yeah you, Mona Lisa) and photo-shoots that were nearly used for album artwork.

    What are your favourite examples of artwork that changed before release?

    If there's a thread like this already, feel free to delete.
  2. I don’t think the artwork changed but on Louise’s album Elbow Beach
    Track 4 was changed from Clear Water to For Your Eyes Only
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  3. the janet. album was suppose to feature the full rolling stone shot, but the label said no.
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  4. Spandau Ballet's 1986 album Through The Barricades was originally promoted in the press with a different sleeve....a painting of windswept countryside in the rain, to match the vibe of the title song. I had an HMV Christmas catalogue with the artwork featured inside, which I wish I still had because there is no trace of that original artwork anywhere on the net!

    The replacement sleeve always looked a bit crap to me.
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  5. Britney's "Baby One More Time" was meant to be self-titled and had a brown cover when it was first advertised.
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  6. Annie's Don't Stop went through a real journey -

    Original proposed tracklist early-ish 2008:


    Planned album cover Aug 2008:

    - The tracklist by this point was completely different to that at the top and 'Perfectly Honest' was removed.

    New album cover October 2009:



    - obviously as this was a year later the tracklist had evolved and changed again. New tracks added, while others were moved over to the bonus "All Night" EP.
  7. Natalie Imbruglia’s original artwork for “White Lillies Island” was gorgeous!

    Celine’s “Taking Chances” was originally a full body shot, not the close up. Also, Celine’s “One Heart” originally had a different track list and different font on the front cover. I have it printed somewhere, will have to dig it out. The album cover ended up better using the same font as the I Drove All Night single, but I was always interested in the songs that didn’t make it, if it was in fact a real track list.
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  8. Was it the artwork they used for a slipcase edition?
  9. Betsy's changed pre release, however she is so stunning and the typography awesome that it probably didn't matter!
  10. It was this...

    Attached Files:

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  12. Kylie's Greatest Hits was rereleased during the Fever era to capitalise on her success without her approval, with this photo of a random model on the cover
    So Kylie released this sleeve on her website for fans to print/it was in copies of Heat magazine at the time, to replace the sleeve.

    Not quite a change before release but still an interesting addition!

    Also not an album but the original listings for Girls Aloud's The Loving Kind single had the b-side listed as 'Japan' which must have had a last minute name change to Memory Of You!
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  13. I don’t really understand the change either, especially as “That Day” had already been released with that artwork style.

    What’s stranger is also how her debut album had 2, possibly 3 different covers upon original release (the original mirrors in the desert, possibly an alternate mirrors in the desert and then the close up face shot).
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  14. Jesus, what a liberty. I did wonder if that was Kylie all these years.
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  15. Oh! I never knew this. Yeah, that artwork matches the style of the single sleeve for That Day as well. Can't find the slipcase artwork that I've got online!
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  16. Those original Natalie covers are great especially the one used for the promo copy.
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  17. It's such a chore to search through google looking at all these Natalie images.
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  18. My Taking Chances CD has the full body shot I think? I love One Heart, didn’t know any of that!
  19. Queen of indecisiveness at choosing her album covers.
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