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Alternate Album Artwork

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by chrisconfessed, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. I love albums that had different covers/tracklists in Japan because the record company wanted to put the album out before the artists themselves. Some examples I can think of now:

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  2. Oops!
  3. Bit too beige for my liking. Don't think it represents her bubblegum/kid friendly image much either.

    I'll always use the original US artwork. So iconic!
  4. HRH


    What was the 4th one for? To be honest I only remember the 1st and 5th.
  5. I think it was a South African special edition.
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  6. And I'll raise your six...





    South Africa:

    2016 reissue in Sophisticated Boom Box:
  7. I'll just leave this here:
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  8. The Sophisticated Boom Box set also replaced the covers for three other albums:



    I'm meh on both Fan the Flame covers, and the only acceptable Nukleopatra cover was the original EU/Australia one, but the new Fragile covers are both huge improvements...
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  9. Reissues often "re-imagine" album covers. I quite love it. But it can be polarizing.

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  10. The left image was the US cover and the right one was the UK.

    Kind of. It is the same image, however the original album cover had Céline centralised, with her name to the left and the album title to the right. This cover made the reverse booklet image make more sense as I believe it is the same pose of Céline but from behind.
    I think it was changed because some fans complained it was too similar to a Mariah album cover. Same as the album title was changed from being “The Woman In Me”.

    EDIT: I use the original cover for “Taking Chances” in my iTunes library so have added a screenshot.

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  11. Polarizing, as in shit. Yes!
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  12. perhaps...but in the US they changed it to the UK cover as well...cause you can't find the original (maybe in used stores)
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  13. Ha! I actually really like that Cyndi reissue. It's kind of loathed but I like it.

    And then there were these. Personally I thought these were genius!

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  14. I've always blamed part of the failure of Sonia's 2nd album on the cover art, which felt like it was photographed and designed by her worst enemy:


    The USA cover, which is the edition I have, is much better, it also has the far superior Beach Mix of Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy instead of the rather bland UK single version.

    The Japanese cover art is also not bad:

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  15. Let's say I liked the concept of all those updated sleeves more than the reality.
  16. I like this one a lot - it's not a replacement for the original cover, but it's not meant to be. But I do think it would have been much more effective if she'd been drawn in her original outfit, not some punk outfit that she would never have actually worn.
    This should be a meme.
    My face when the straights try to talk to me.
    My face when someone asks me how I'm doing on a Monday morning.
    My face when I find out I'm supposed to get a foot of snow tonight.

    Also, weirdly enough that's the cover I once saw in a (US) used record store. The Japanese cover is fine, I guess, but it doesn't look like her at all! It looks like some nameless teen actress in a children's spy movie.
  17. I know! It's sort of the Grumpy Cat meme of the 90's.
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  18. I'd agree with you on the Phil Collins ones. They'd have turned out nicely if he'd aged better...
  19. Thankfully, they're all hidden inside the Take A Look At Me Now.. box, so I just have that displayed on the shelf, and whenever I listen to the individual CDs (a habit from the 80s...I always have to put the case on top of the speaker or hi-fi when I'm playing it). Gave the No Jacket Required disc a spin at the weekend, and it sounded loudness war nonsense, no OTT bass or compression. Still much like the original but a bit brighter and punchier.
  20. On the topic of Tina... the original UK cover for Wildest Dreams:

    The vastly improved cover for the US version (with metallic gold ink!), later used for the bonus disc in the UK reissue:

    The US tracklist is an improvement too.
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