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Alternate Album Artwork

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by chrisconfessed, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. I love the colourful Japanese artwork for Sheryl Crow's second and third albums:


  2. Amazon has an alt cover of WOW! by Bananarama. Anyone know why? Here's the link ...

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  3. R-5939029-1406839287-7251_jpeg.jpg nother step.jpg Another Step - Kim Wilde
    I don't know why a lot of albums had to have different covers for markets
    why not the same like Thriller, Whitney Houston, True Blue, Faith,,,the list goes on.....
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  4. To kickstart slow sales / fit in with a new image / etc.
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. For your eyes only was recorded at the last minute and then added the press release I have talks about clear water I asked Oliver smallman her manager at the time and said we changed it last minute but the press release and and stuff had been done
  7. The best sleeve for Another Step was the 1987 reissue.....gorgeous.
  8. Don't forget the other Another Step
  9. That's the one.
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  10. it worked with me on Taylor Dayne - Tell It To My Heart...bought the first one on cassette and loved it so much...I bought the softer looking one months later when re-released....and then I bought TITMYH again on CD couple years later...and yet again just last year expanded edition (I paid for her twins delivery)
  11. had no idea bout that one! Where/when was this one released?
  12. Think I prefer those!
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  13. I found this on vinyl recently. I think it was a re-release?
  14. The US cover for Enjoy Yourself was a marked improvement too.
  15. In the UK, it came after Say You Really Want Me reached #29 in June or July 1987. I guess MCA hoped the image reboot would finally help the album to shift some copies. Sadly it didn't, it got to #54 or something.

    Probably one of the most beautiful shots of Kim for me.
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  17. Flopstar Mikaila's album actually had this as a cover in the US (at least the copy I got):

    But this is the one that shows up on digital streaming (and according to @iheartpoptarts is the one that was used online when the album came out):

    Most of the world got this cover using the first photo:

    But Thailand apparently got this one, with the photo from the So in Love with Two single, the font from the mystery cover, and the blue bars from the international cover:

    While Japan got something else entirely:
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  18. She's a looker ain't she.
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  19. Actually, the first image is from the US advanced release album ... when the album was finally pressed, it featured the second cover. Neither of them are great.

    I always loved this original Robyn Is Here and how it showed her early affinity for fitting into boxes.

    Also where are you and @iheartpoptarts discussing my girl Mikaila? I want in!
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