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Aluna - Renaissance

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BrokenHearts, Sep 5, 2018.

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    It really is. I especially loving the opener, a MOMENT.

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  3. Aluna sounds divine on this.
  4. The way that is instantly the dance festival line-up of the year.
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    A customer bought the vinyl of this at work today and the way I gushed about it - what a record. Envious, Don't Hit My Line, Get Paid, The Recipe - the bops!!
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  6. She is the most underrated artist in the world. She is making good songs since the beggining. I think it's the biggest pop injustice of all time.
  7. cpr


    See y’all in New Orleans!
  8. This smacks.
  9. This is her best song in awhile, isn't it?

    Can't find George on the credits, though
  10. She's cut ties with George since 2018 though. For me she's been on a complete role since and everything Bagage-forward has been good-to-great.
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  11. I believe she stated that the reason she wanted to release music as a solo act was due to lyricism and storytelling as a black woman was becoming awkward to do as a duo?

    Side note:
    I had no idea she was also in a band called My Toys Like Me in the early 2010s and that her and George had connected due to him remixing My Toys... single 'Sweetheart.'?!
  12. She did, but she has collaborated with several white men since then so I'm curious as to whether this was the full story.
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    This is HUUUGE and a dream collab teebs

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  14. It's a fucking massive tune.
  15. Her output sans George has been pretty freaking flawless, hasn't it?
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  16. Does anyone know if the vinyl of "Renaissance" comes with a download code too?
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    The one at my store didn't ":/".
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