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Alvvays - Antisocialites

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by constantino, Jul 22, 2014.

  1. I was going to post this on the hipster justice forum, but if the main forum is good enough for Lone, Imogen Heap and FKA Twigs, then it's good enough for these guys.

    Really fun, catchy and nostalgic album.

    Highly recommended
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  2. Since when did the letter v become an appropriate substitute for U and W?
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  3. I've been obsessed with this CD for the past two weeks. Perfect record to have around in the summer!
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    01 “In Undertow”
    02 “Dreams Tonite”
    03 “Plimsoll Punks”
    04 “Your Type”
    05 “Not My Baby”
    06 “Hey”
    07 “Lollipop (Ode To Jim)”
    08 “Already Gone”
    09 “Saved By A Waif”
    10 “Forget About Life”

    Antisocialites is out 9/8 via Polyvinyl. Pre-order it here and check out their extensive upcoming tour dates here.

    New single:

  5. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Done! Xx
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  6. Thanks sis xx
  7. I discovered them after Shazamming their song that was playing in River Island. #2017

    I was shook by their Camera Obscura vibe. Glad they've got a new record coming.
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  8. Well there it is!
  9. I genuinely love all 3 songs released from their new album, but Plimsoll Punks might be one of my favorite songs of the year. 10/10.
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  10. Antisocialites is "out" and it's wonderful!
  11. I preordered the vinyl months ago and I'm so conflicted...
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  13. Get into it, sis!

    I'm listening to it right now and it's basically wall-to-wall jingle-jangle BOPS

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  14. The album reminds me of The Go-Go's. I kinda love it.
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  15. I'm too lazy to track down a train ticket, but the two singles have me very excited.
  16. A gorgeous album!
  17. Forget About Life is one of the most beautiful songs I've heard all year.
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  18. I had higher expectations for this album. There's nothing as instant as 'In Undertow' for me.
    I'll give it another 'spin'.
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