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Aly & AJ - a touch of the beat...

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 17, 2020.

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  1. The thread for the EPs is closing in on 100 pages, so this seemed appropriate ahead of the lead single's release in two weeks.

    A summary of what they've told us so far:
    • A deluxe version will follow the album's release
    • ~16 tracks (likely split over the standard & deluxe)
    • Moving away from their 80s/synth influences "taking inspiration instead from Ray LaMontagne, The War on Drugs, My Morning Jacket, Jackson C. Frank, The National" "music from the '90s, music from the '60s and '70s".
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  2. Given how excellent their recent EPs and one-off singles have been, I'm so excited for what their next full-length album will sound like!

    "Attack of Panic" still has me in a chokehold.
  3. They really did that with Joan of Arc on the Dance Floor, so i'm perched.
  4. Colour me excited
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  5. Beyond excited for this.

    The fact that they have released just 2 singles since January and they’re still in my top artists this year says everything. Phew, they did that.

    But Joan of Arc is their weakest release so far teebs. Ready for a slightly new sound from them.
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  6. I love that font
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  7. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Sounds lush.
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  9. Ugh they’re so good
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  10. I'm super excited for this! Their output since returning has been *chef's kiss*!
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  11. I’m convinced that they are at the creative peak of their career and are incapable of releasing anything less than perfection. I am so pumped for this song.
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  12. These two. What a pair of absolute songwriters they are.
  13. I'm excited for them to switch up the sonic direction a little, but I really hope they stick with whoever produced Take Me & Church for 1-2 songs at least, because they truly are excellent together.
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  14. Even though it sounds like a big departure in sound from the snippet, they are working with a lot of the same collaborators. Yves Rothman (Church, Star Maps & Not Ready To Wake Up) & Sadpony (SM & NRTWU) are involved in this one.

    They also confirmed Jamie Sierota (Ten Years) has two cuts on the album.
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  15. Wow that folky snippet, inject it.
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  16. Oh, perfect! Thrilled to hear this. Thank you!
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  17. This already sounds more ‘70s Laurel Canyon’ than ‘80s John Hughes prom’ and I couldn’t be more intrigued.
  18. It’s kinda insane that they hopped on TikTok in the middle of Potential Breakup Song going mildly viral and already have 4x the followers there as they do on Instagram, plus 3 million likes on their first two videos. I have no idea how inflated those numbers are but I’m glad they’re launching this album campaign while they’re getting this kind of engagement. TikTok could end up being the most important thing to happen to the music industry since streaming.
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