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Aly & AJ - a touch of the beat...

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 17, 2020.

  1. Swoon at all of this. So happy I shelled out $60+ for the Special Edition vinyl.
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  3. I need a HQ version of that Rush / Go Your Own Way performance!
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  4. The full setlist was:
    Pretty Places (presumably as the live stream had some issues)
    Lost Cause
    Break Yourself
    Slow Dancing
    Symptom of Your Touch
    Joan of Arc on the Dance Floor
    Don't Need Nothing
    Personal Cathedrals
    Hold Out
    Potential Breakup Song

    Nothing massively different apart from Rush, which was a more laid-back version than from the previous tours & mashed-up with Fleetwood Mac's Go Your Own Way.
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  5. Hope that alyandajupdates YouTube account was able to save this.
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  6. This all makes me sooooo excited.
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  7. Oh yay this is the one I was waiting for!

    A lot of the songs this era are giving me mid to late 2000s indie, like Metric someone mentioned earlier.
  8. Downtempo, melancholic, acoustic, for the Slow Dancing fans, stunning.
    Just gonna keep telling myself "Only two weeks left."
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  10. The way they haven't released a song that's below an 8/10 since 2017... the level of quality control.
  11. It's a race between this and Troubled Paradise for pop AOTY.
  12. I really can't get over just how much of a perfect song Pretty Places is. In a perfect reality, it would be #1 all summer long. A staple of movie soundtracks. Viral for the longest time on Tik Tok. A dead cert for the GTA 6 pop station.

    One can dream, I suppose.
  13. That video is the sisters messing around in the sunshine for a few minutes. It is joyous.
  14. Shot just two days after Slow Dancing too. 2 masterpieces churned out so fast!
  15. I wish they omitted the part with the truck but this one's very cute.
    I do hope the next video isn't just them outside again.
  16. I love this video; there's such a joyous warmth to it that perfectly compliments the song. For me, the visuals have all been nearly as great as the music.
  17. The fact that they manage to release one stunning video after another without a big budget is so inspiring.
  18. The songs from this album are utterly stunning. I cannot wait for the whole album to come.

    Symptom of your Touch and Don’t Need Nothing are my favourites from the bunch. Pretty Places my least but it’s still great.
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