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Aly & AJ - a touch of the beat...

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 17, 2020.

  1. Can't believe True Blue 2 is coming in a week!
  2. Don't Need Nothing still feels a bit like an interlude track to me, but it's cute. The video's fun. It's got nothing on Symptom of Your Touch, though, let's be real.
  3. Symptom of Your Touch is actually the weak link for me, didn't expect it to be so universally loved but I get that it's more in line with the sound they've built over the past few years.

    Ready for Paradise to absolutely end everyone come May 7th.
  4. Literally every song so far is amazing, we're just splitting hairs.
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  5. For sure, an Aly & AJ 'weak link' is still a 10/10 at this point.
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  6. I could do without the handclapping in the video because I feel that it’s too obvious. They have far more charisma than to rely on cheap gimmicks.
  7. I can't quite believe the album is out on Friday, finally! This is easily the most stoked I've been for a new record so far this year. I feel really confident that it will be great. Hoping to be ended by Paradise, as promised by the good sis @Butterfly.

    Slow Dancing, Pretty Places and Symptom are all duking it out for fave song of '21. The videos have been so on-point too.
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  8. They made some comment about the Paradise live version differing from the album version (& the live is ~30 seconds shorter), so hopefully I haven't oversold it! If it's anywhere close, I can quite confidently call it the best song of their career.

    Pretty Places, Don't Need Nothing & Paradise feel like the statement pieces of the album lyrically, with the rest of the tracks weaved around those three (I transcribed the album sans Stomach on Genius back when they performed at UCF if anyone wants an album tease).
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  9. Tour announcement is up on The Sanctuary! 4 day pre-sale (Monday - Thursday) for Sanctuary members. No dates yet, but they're announcing both US/Canada & Europe (for 2022).

    $4 will get you a month's access to all the content on there & the pre-sale, $60 gives you a year (+ a virtual meet & greet & access to purchase a signed version of the Year 2 fan-club vinyl).
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  10. I hope the tour is this year, at least for the US.
  11. It's in 2022.
  12. Very exciting! Definitely going to this, is it Monday - Thursday as in next week for presale?

    EDIT: Nevermind just joined Sanctuary ddd.
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  13. Yes.
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  14. I missed them last time they came to the UK so definitely won’t miss this!
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  15. I'd love to see them somewhere like Paris or Berlin. Come huns.
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  16. I'm assuming they'll do 1 city per country so London, Paris, Berlin etc.
  17. Paris was confirmed by them in an Instagram comment a few weeks ago.

    They did Manchester last time so I wouldn't necessarily assume they'll just do one show in the UK?
    I think London was a day of sell-out (or at least very close to one) last time, so with their added buzz this time around hopefully they can do even better here.
  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Serving Infernal.
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  19. Paradise is gonna kill me, I already know.
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