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Aly & AJ - a touch of the beat...

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 17, 2020.

  1. Aly & AJ Updates has posted their last two virtual college shows on YouTube (minus any unreleased songs they performed), including this masterpiece which deserves a proper live release.

  2. Start your countdowns to midnight... our AOTY is incoming!

  3. I've only heard Stomach so far but wow, it's incredible!
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  4. I’m only on track 2 and this already the best thing ever! I love them so much!!!!
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  5. After my first listen, I can’t really imagine any scenario where this doesn’t end up in my Top 10 by Years End. An incredible album. Their knack for melodies is unparalleled. A stunning collection that I can’t wait to dive more into.
  6. I removed the singles from my rotation two weeks ago since I wanted them to feel fresh again when I listened to the album. Just pressed play and whew, Pretty Places remains one of the best things they've ever done. I can't wait to hear the rest.
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  7. Me during the hours I'm doing intermittent fasting.

    Can not wait for this!
  8. It's really good. Out of the remaining songs we hadn't heard "Paradise" is the highlight for me. Certainly see it going on to be one of my top albums of 2021 and as unlikely as it may be, I hope it ends up somewhere on a few year-end lists too.
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  9. Let me know when you’re all ready to discuss Lucky To Get Him, thanks.
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  10. Oh you mean the best song on the album including all the pre release singles? I'm ready to have that conversation.
  11. I'm gonna die waiting for this.
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  12. The fact I am actually contemplating of staying up until midnight to listen to this album (something I have not done in years), well consider me absolutely hyped due to the excellent pre-releases.
  13. I've already made it to the station, my ticket is printed but I'm not sure if I want to hop on yet...

    Someone convince me to take a drive with this on full volume.
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  14. Literally don’t waste another second contemplating it. Other things can wait. You won’t regret it.
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  15. My broke ass can't seem to find a ticket I can afford for this train.
  16. Just in time for release day, Pretty Places has hit 1m on Spotify. Slow Dancing is at 5.2m and should overtake Church to become their biggest since Take Me pretty soon.

    Do we think Pitchfork will review this? They've never even had a news piece even about them, but it seems like their profile is high enough (and the album's sound is in Pitchfork's wheelhouse) that they should get one, right?

    So excited for tomorrow...
  17. Album of the year, definitely.
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  18. Sam


    Very excited for this!

    Don’t Need Nothing is quickly becoming one of my favourite things they’ve ever done. That Ronettes kick drum thumping through your body as the song picks up pace with the chorus echoing the whole way through like a call to arms. That’s excellence mama
  19. Paradise into Symptom of Your Touch into Lucky To Get Him have done FUCKED me up with its 1-2-3 punch.
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