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Aly & AJ - a touch of the beat...

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 17, 2020.

  1. Break Yourself might be a highlight for me.
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  2. Stuck in a predicament of whether to pay way too much for the CD or wait for the already announced deluxe, while being afraid the deluxe may be digital only like Ten Years.
  3. How is the album this good? Hate to sound like a delusional stan, but I can’t pick up on a single point of improvement.

    The melodies, the lyrics, the sequencing... all phenomenal, only enhanced by that open West Coast production.

    Right now, I’m particularly caught up in the closing two tracks. They release me from the record’s grasp with a peaceful sense of finality.
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  4. It's such a triumph isn't it Hens
  5. Lucky To Get Him’s switch up from breezy to almost bop tore my follicles to shreds.
  6. I’d also like to take a second and thank the girls for these track lengths. No song under 3:15, 5 out of 12 tracks passed the 4:00 minute mark. These so far actually have time to breathe. Proof a 12 track album can be longer than 33 minutes long.

  7. This video has me so unbelievably excited for the tour. It's about to be an experience.
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  8. Their soundscapes are just always so magical. These women are such a fucking talent it’s criminal they went so long without releasing anything.

  9. slightly shameless plug
  10. I wish Stevie Nicks didn't endorse or collab with tools and gave them some love instead. Many have tried but nobody has perfected the modern Fleetwood Mac sound like Aly & Aj continue to do.
  11. So true. The funniest thing is I felt Personal Cathedrals was slightly cheated - I wish they would have let the instrumental play to fade after the last chorus. That song deserves the breathing room Pretty Places received.
  12. I would still love a full album of Attack of Panic, Joan of Arcs at some point (especially the former). But I just adore how whatever sound they throw themselves into they sound like they're the best at it. Understanding pop just seems to come to easily to them in a way it does to so few others.
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  13. The way Pretty Places sets the stage for this sprawling, monolithic work is a genius move: there's time to properly live in these songs and every track is better for it. There isn't an ounce of fat, just pure alchemy.

    Somehow my high expectations have been exceeded. I wish I had a road trip planned because this would be fucking perfect for it.
  14. Yeah this is...just immaculate. Not a moment feels wasted or anything less than essential. Even the songs that felt a bit slight on their own click perfectly into place within the album. They said they felt this was the album they were meant to make, and you definitely feel that listening to it.

    Album of the year so far. Easily,
  15. Oh I’m absolutely blasting this album during my trip to the Smoky Mountains this summer. Sunroof open!

    What a triumph. I’m ready to be scalped at the tour next year!
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  16. The seamless transition from breezy California soft-rock to synthpop bopfest in the mid-section of the album has ended me
  17. Personal Cathedrals serves slight Ace Reject teas for me. It’s just so smooth, moody, and breezy.
  18. The way that these girls effortlessly made the Album of the Year. It’s as fresh as a lemon plucked from the tree & turned into lemonade. They deserve every damn kudo for the album sequencing too. The way it just ebbs & flows so seemlessly.

    I also can’t stop playing “Paradise” & “Lucky to Get Him”.
  19. Yeah the album is pretty wonderful on first listen, I'm half way through my second. I'm glad I held off on the pre-release singles after the first two because they're some of my instant faves, but honestly the whole thing is great. A pretty stunning achievement as a whole album, especially considering it's been so long since their last full-length.

    The comparison to Mandy Moore's last album is apt (and that was one of my favourites of last year), but there's a bit more variety and punchiness here.
  20. I held off on most prerelease songs so consider me so so so delighted at how wonderful this album is.
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