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Aly & AJ - a touch of the beat...

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 17, 2020.

  1. Stomach is so good.
  2. Album did over 400k streams in its first day, taking it's total to 8.37m. Oddly Personal Cathedrals was the least streamed album track with 23.2k streams whereas Hold Out performed the best with 65.1k.
  3. The way I just clocked that in the music video to Symptom of Your Touch, Aly is walking across a bridge... during the bridge of the song.

    So simple, yet my mind is blown!!
  4. Omg did you write this?! I loved this so much!
  5. Absolutely in love with this record. After the sensational run of singles and EPs, I really did not know how they were going to top tracks like 'Promises', 'Attack of Panic' and 'Don't Go Changing', but they have proven me wrong.

    I watched the Ace Hotel show/doc and had this overwhelming sense of pride for them, especially when AJ was talking about how she never thought they would get to this place and release a full record again. They have really done this whole thing on their own terms without chasing trends. The show was magical and you can tell this is the record they were born to make. I have already rallied my mates to come and see them with me in London next year.

    Whilst all twelve tracks are sublime and perfect for the post-lockdown summer, 'Lost Cause', 'Hold Out', 'Stomach' and 'Paradise' are the standouts for me. Even the long title makes sense in the context of the album that's so breezy and effortlessly cool.

    a touch of their beat really does get you up on your feet, gets you out and then into the Sun.
  6. Hold Out was the focus track on playlists (think it was on New Music Friday), so aside from that Personal Cathedrals is the lowest in the tracklist.
  7. I wasn't aware that they'd even gotten onto any New Music Friday playlists, that's great! Personal Cathedrals and Stomach are actually only a couple hundred streams apart but since they're both the last two unpromoted tracks, it's understandable.
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  8. The lack of reviews for this is really frustrating. This type of wonky, breezy alt pop is usually the stuff poptimists would be all over, if it came from Haim or Carly or Sky.
  9. Stomach is the absolute one for me. Absolutely sensational.
    The whole album is just a complete triumph from start to finish.

    The sheer quality of every single song on here, they really did that. How did they even choose singles from this thing? Anything and everything would have been sublime. I’d love a video for every track.
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  10. Don't be foolish
    One second can turn into a lifetime...

    Almost every song on this album is revealing itself in beautiful ways today if it hadn't already, but Lucky to Get Him is my one right now. The way that final lyric makes sense of the entire song. Next thing you know, he's all mine...

    Ugh. So good. The electronic production flourishes as it goes on are tasteful as fuck. Yves Rothman is a fabulous producer.
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  11. A couple of tracks still have to fully click and there's probably nothing on par with Pretty Places for me (then again, what is?) but there's not a single bad track here! Paradise is probably the catchiest of the new tracks but I'm sure the more lowkey/strange moments that pop up everywhere will keep on revealing themselves in time.

    It's easily my favourite release of 2021 so far and I can't wait to play it in my next car drive to the mountains. Lovely lovely stuff. I'm also happy that they kept what worked best on the EPs and abandoned the cheesier elements of Sanctuary (song) and Joan of Arc. Can't wait to hear the full deluxe project.
  12. Double post but there's a new article here. The pictures are great, these two being my personal faves:



    Can't wait for their cover of WAP teebs


    Also I tried to make a cover using one of their new banners, if anybody is interested x

  13. The album did not disappoint at all.

    I think Pretty Places is becoming my favourite Aly & AJ track to date.
  14. I really love this, hope an european store will pop up at some point so I can get it on vinyl.
  15. This album is exceptional; I hope it garners them some overdue attention. Personal Cathedrals stings.
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  16. Title track got my bopping too

    where my sun at??
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  17. The arc from Slow Dancing to listen is perfection. It makes Symptom of Your Touch perfect.
  18. They talked about Way Way Back (deluxe track) a little in a podcast interview & divulged some lyrics.
    It was originally written with Ryan Spraker in ~2017 and called 'Minivan' with the lyrics all about sisterhood and wanting to go 'way way back' to childhood together. Reasoning for it being on the deluxe is that it was a pain to get the lyrics right and they ended up resenting it a little.

    It's the My Turning Point podcast @ 35m.
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  19. I’ve found myself just playing the entire album through & repeat. “Paradise” for Summer 2021.

    I can’t believe we’re getting more songs later this year.
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  20. Not seeing enough noise on my social media feeds about this record. It is unbelievably spotless! This is how a full-length record should sound after 14 years without one.

    Super surprised to learn Personal Cathedrals is so far behind the other tracks. I gravitated the most toward that track, followed closely behind Hold Out and Paradise. But there’s not a single disappointing one here.

    I gushed over the record here, if you care to read! Not a professional reviewer by any means but I’m trying to do my part to discuss this beauty of a record!
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