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Aly & AJ - a touch of the beat...

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 17, 2020.

  1. Could be lighting, but I'm a little sad they're not the same coloring as the mockups. Still very pretty, though.
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  2. Same, they’re stunners.

    I’m also glad I held out for the We Don’t Stop vinyl.
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  3. Yeah the mock up was brighter shades of red and yellow and navy. That brown and honey yellow swirl is still gorgeous though.
  4. We Don’t Stop on vinyl?! God is real!
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  7. I’m so here for this. I’ve been hammering their music lately after becoming a fan; Not Ready to Wake Up, Don’t Go Changing, Symptom of Your Touch, Paradise, Pretty Places are some of my faves. They know how to craft a song so well.
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  8. I love the single cover a lot. It's sort of giving me Solar Power but make it early autumn.
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  9. Finally. This remains my favorite album of the year so far; it doesn't get old no matter how many times I play it. Very excited to hear the new tracks.
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  10. I don’t think I ever got around to posting about this album but the fact it’s been on constant rotation for me speaks volumes.

    It’s such a strong body of work which plays into exactly what I expected them to do from when they teased the sound early on, it continues on with the EPs’ sound, and also experiments in a way that oddly feels very Xenomania at times (a comparison I never thought I’d make). Their understanding of melodies; harmonies, and even themselves is what makes this so enjoyable.

    Pretty Places, Don’t Need Nothing, and Stomach are the 3 I go back to constantly. What a triumph!
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  11. Can't wait to experience it live in March if everything goes well pandemic wise. It's truly their best album which I thought would be hard to top because Insomniatic is a flawless classic. It took me a couple listens besides the pre-released singles and then it just clicked. These woman gained so much life experience and it reflects in the music. Couldn't be more proud that they delivered such stellar quality once again.
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  12. Get Over Here - Live at The Ace Theatre has just premiered on Consequence of Sound.

    They recorded all the deluxe tracks at The Ace alongside the original album, if anyone had missed that tid-bit when it was previously shared.
  13. This turned out to be two of the pre-release snippets they shared (which I would have never thought was the same song).

    In bad news, the deluxe is pushed back to early 2022 according to that article. I suppose it makes sense given that they have standard vinyl copies to shift & there's probably delays on the deluxe.
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  14. I thought they weren’t releasing the deluxe on physical? Or did I make that up?
  15. Likely no CDs (their manufacturer requires a run of like 500+ and they're just not as popular sellers for them) but a vinyl is confirmed with new artwork.
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  16. Symptom of Your Touch is my favourite in… years even. I just love everything about it. PERFECTION summed up in a song.
  17. I can't wait until CDs become the physical of choice again(?) (for milking fans). My collection awaits.
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  18. Yeah it's a shame but maybe we can get a 'b-sides' compilation when they amass enough tracks.
    Between Good Love / With You, Slow Burn, Attack of Panic / Joan, I Need My Girl & the four deluxe tracks we'll have 10 songs that won't be on CD already.
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