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Aly & AJ - a touch of the beat...

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 17, 2020.

  1. It’s the b-side to the Listen!!! vinyl, no new one.

  2. Official announcement!
  3. ADM


    Are all these new songs post album going to be on a deluxe edition?
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  4. Yes. 4 in total.

    Maybe they'll also included those remixes? Their remixography is so bare, I'm excited for that.
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  5. Yes, the original album + Get Over Here, Am I Alright, Way Way Back & Dead on the Beach. Releases February 11th (though they haven't announced it yet).

    Whether they'll also include I Need My Girl & some remixes / acoustics on the digital version, we don't know.

  6. "Am I Alright" available now in New Zealand.

    It's very good! Definitely an extension of the album's sound, and to compare it to other tracks, it's making me think of "Lost Cause" most. I think it's something in the tempo and singing style that's making me compare the two.
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  7. This song is excellent. The chorus is such an ear worm!

    This whole era has been fabulous - I’m so glad that they’ve been able to release somewhat consistently over the past few years!
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  8. ...and yet still I haven't had my vinyl dispatched. What is going on? --sad face--
  9. After hearing all the deluxe and seeing those crazy vinyl delays with the original, I'll wait for the 'dandelion yellow' deluxe vinyl from Walmart in February.
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  10. They signed them (2000 copies worth, I presume that’s all of them?) on Monday so I would be expecting them to ship any day now.

    I think they still haven’t received all the 7”s though so that will hold back any orders that include them, annoyingly.
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  11. Another hit… I don’t think I’ve ever loved every single song on the album+
  12. They really do keep refusing to miss. Another huge bop.
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  13. This is going to sound lovely on a drive tomorrow.
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  14. ADM


    I’m so excited to see them in February (fingers crossed!). I hope they’re selling vinyls at the mech stand!
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  15. Love Am I Alright, it’s so effortless sounding. I’m hearing heavy Fleetwood Mac influences.
  16. Am I Alright is perfection.
  17. “Am I Alright” is so so good. That chorus is such an ear worm. They do not miss.
  18. They truly have mastered the art of the bridge haven’t they?
  19. I’ve been so obsessed with their music since their return. They don’t ever miss.
  20. I love Am I Alright, they're on such a great streak.
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