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Aly & AJ - a touch of the beat...

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 17, 2020.

  1. Surely if it was being cancelled or delayed, they would have done it by now.
  2. Most of acts are waiting to see if Germany opens up (Aly & Aj have two dates there) and also if say, of the 8 countries they’re visiting 5 are open, the tour will go ahead.
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  3. I can see the UK/Ireland leg going ahead if anything?
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  4. They just seem too quiet about the tour for my liking. Plus, given what happened with Adele's residency I wouldn't be surprised if it was cancelled last minute.
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  5. Adele says "hey"

    I low-key want to go to the tour just to get the vinyl.

    Which'll...sell out of course. A 'MUNA's 2019 UK tour' chai! Again!
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  6. This album has been on repeat and taken over my life!! Whew, the airy and soaring melodies, their sweet vocals and harmonies, the breezy, detailed arrangements and production.

    It's a fantastic album.
  7. Wondering what their store's edition of the deluxe vinyl will look like. Tempted to order the Walmart edition.
  8. They’ve just announced that they’re rescheduling the European tour to later in the year. Disappointing but totally expected, I’ve been waiting for this announcement since December.

  9. Was expected and now I’m wondering when Slayyyter will drop hers as it’s the same week.
  10. Slayyyter's is much smaller scale it may survive?
  11. The way I was about to book my flights for the Dublin date today!! Cruel world!! I’m happy to wait until the autumn, but it still sucks all the same.
  12. That's disappointing but tbh honest I'm glad I didn't book, saw it coming from a mile away.
  13. ADM


    My thoughts too, it'll be a nice Summer gig to go to, but would love to have seen them in a couple of weeks.
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  14. The venue I booked is a 15 minute walk from my place so luckily I didn't make travel arrangements.
  15. I just keep thinking when I finally hear them perform symptom of your touch, it will be an even more magical moment!
  16. I wonder if they'll cancel Meet and Greets then?
  17. I think they said in the past they'll just introduce distancing measures / screens / etc, like other artists have done rather than cancel them outright.
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  18. I guess on the bright side for UK/Europe, I guess it’s possible that they might have a new single or two out as well!
  19. I wonder when we'll be officially notified.
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  20. I woke up to this news. As fate turned out, on Friday I was looking at booking time off from work the day after the show I was going to just in case I felt like making a big night of it - and the one day in February I can't get off was that day. Hopefully the rescheduled dates will be OK.

    Love the sisters and I will throw money at their merch stall again when the tour finally goes ahead.
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