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Aly & AJ - a touch of the beat...

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 17, 2020.

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  1. I went to their Portland show last night. Wow, they've really come into their own since their Ten Years tour in 2019. I loved the stage styling - it was simple and effective. I was tapping my feet and swaying the whole night.

    The meet and greet was pretty cool, they sound checked 'No One' and 'Paradise' and did about a 15 minute Q&A. I was kind of starstruck so I didn't ask a question, but they were so kind and genuine. I wore my 'Be Every Color That You Are' rainbow shirt from their last gig and they commented on how I was an original. Still bummed we couldn't hug or stand closer to each other - but I won't let it tarnish the experience. Chalk it up to 'the Covid years'...

    Blue Dress is very pretty, I like the whining steel guitar. It definitely leans more into the Slow Dancing sound.
  2. Got my ticket for Pittsburgh and I’m ready.
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  3. First of two re-records is out at midnight local time.

    The other one is probably Chemicals React. The original is missing from streaming in some places & my album bundle disposable had photos of them in the studio with the chords written down.
  4. Well this sounds fantastic!
  5. What are these re-recordings for exactly?
  6. For their streaming numbers
  7. They mentioned a while back how they were told to release every 3 months for streaming, so I think these are just for that while we wait for the next album. And if they do end up doing Chemicals React too (and maybe Rush down the line?) they'll have their own masters of all their big hits.
  8. Well I enjoy the remasters so keep them coming. It's a great reminder of just how well their catalogue holds up.

    I will be needing Greatest Time of the Year for all my Christmas playlists.
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  9. I still remember recording Rush on my tape recorder when it would come on the Disney Channel in middle school. If that gets rereleased that will be a full circle moment for sure.

    Thrilled about Like Whoa, too. That was one of my played tracks on my iPod when I bought it.
  10. I'll stick with the original. It doesn't hit me like thr new version of Potential Breakup Song.

    Uhm. I need their 78violet-stuff more desperately.
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  11. The 78Violet stuff has already been released on vinyl.
  12. I need it on streaming please. I know it's unlikely at this point. And whatever era Next Worst Thing is from.

    I'm not fussed about the new mix of Like Woah. The vocal is lacking energy.
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  13. But we need it on streaming. I can't play vinyl.
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  14. They’ve already said they’ll never put it on streaming. And I can understand why, it would be a distraction from the new material.
  15. How are remasterings new materials ddd?

    I just wish they lied when speaking of Hothouse.
  16. They obviously don't have the rights to put it up on streaming or don't want to fund the upload.
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  17. They have the rights to the Hothouse album, they just feel funny about putting it out when it’s old and they no longer really feel it. And yeah I think they worry (probably unnecessarily) that people will think it’s their new sound. I think they will come around one day but for now it’s a no.

    The Hollywood Records album on the other hand they don’t own, and I think they’d be embarrassed by how juvenile it is. They also said they would never release Bullet as they dislike the gun metaphor now.
  18. You're thinking too much like a stan. It doesn't make business sense to not have something on streaming because 'you don't feel it' when even megastars are uploading old remixes and b-sides because it's easy money.
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  19. I’m not straying too far from things they’ve actually said. They’ve been asked point blank and they just seem uninterested in old music when they’re so excited about newer stuff.
  20. I'm not disputing that's what they said / is the official line but really they're not gonna go into details with Samantha from Missouri on fan event zooms - I think if they could upload it it'd be there.
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