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Aly & AJ - a touch of the beat...

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 17, 2020.

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  1. They’ve explicitly confirmed owning it (it was recorded when they were label-less and then shopped) which is why they were able to press it on vinyl for the fan club, they toyed around with the idea of uploading it for a while but then just said they felt like there was no point.

    I personally see no reason for them not to upload it and exploit it with more physicals but it’s just how they feel.
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  2. To the casual listener, Hothouse would be considered new material because it’s never been officially released. And they don’t want to confuse fans with an album that they aren’t particularly happy with.

    They seemed pretty firm in their view that it won’t go on streaming.
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  3. It is a shame though because it’s so dreamy.

  4. Most of the songs from their last album never hit 1m streams. There'd be no profitability whatsoever in putting a bunch of old 78violet tracks on Spotify that only a small base of stans would be interested in. And it would confuse people about what's new and not new if it pops up on their artist page now. It's really not worth the hassle.
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  5. I agree, I actually think the Hothouse album is great! The production is a little home made sounding at times but overall it’s fantastic!
  6. Their 500 stans worldwide won't get confused. They know what it is. They could also upload it and have it not show as a new release. Or have it uploaded as 78violet - problem solved, no confusion!
  7. Any word on their Dublin date being rescheduled?
  8. I’m on a real Aly and AJ kick at the moment and their “comeback” has been so glorious. Every song is immaculate
  9. I’m with you but you give them too much credit for sense when it comes to this.

    They are very much ~artists~ in this regard. I once suggested they release the Ten Years demo and they tweeted back ‘You wouldn’t ask an artist to put an unfinished painting in a museum’.
  10. No word on any of the European tour sadly, just reassurances they’re working on it.
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  11. Okay maybe they are ahem non-smart.
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  12. I'd rather you just call me a f*ggot actually.
  13. The Like Whoa re-record sounds like it was a bit of a chore for them to make.
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  14. You don't ask an artist to repaint their masterpiece!!
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  15. That’s true! So I hope nobody asked them to repaint Chemicals React as well…
  16. They’re ~real music girls, and are very much vinyl champions as well, so the reasoning for not uploading that album ring true to everything else within their artistry.
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  17. Didn’t they also say someone at Spotify told them to release every three months and they complied so what is the truth.
  18. I mean they already did once with the crap remix on Insomniatic
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  19. Yeah I need Chemicals React on streaming, that’s not the insomniatic remix, already. So I’ll take a re-record if that’s what it takes
  20. The original is on Spotify in the UK. Although the album cover is the original of Into the Rush. It's actually the re release. Although the version on Spotify has a weird version of Something More that doesn't sound quite the same as the one I downloaded all those years ago. However considering where I got mine it's probably mine that's wrong.
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