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Aly & AJ - a touch of the beat...

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 17, 2020.

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  1. Yeah but it’s not available in the US at all. Internationally it’s included on the rerelease version of Into The Rush which had new versions of Something More and Collapsed, which we don’t have here either. In the states they was on a separate Chemicals React EP exclusive to iTunes and physical deluxes
  2. Just saw them live tonight. Lots of people only knew the old songs but many more loved the new ones. They did mess up and say “thank you Chicago” 3 times even though it was Boston but other than that it was great!
  3. Just got a really bizarre email confirming that the Malmö date is cancelled. At first I thought maybe this means the new dates have been finalised, but then I read it...

    This date always stood out as the most obvious one to cancel, since they're playing Copenhagen which is right next door, but it being done like this has me worried for the other dates.
  4. Is it part of maybe a festival or a special series of concerts? Sounds like the promoter didn't want to wait.
  5. Not as far as I could tell? I know the ticket I purchased was just a normal VIP package like any of the other dates.

    Hopefully we get some clarity on the new dates soon, I'll be gutted if they decide to hold off until the next era.
  6. Going tonight, anyone know what time their set is?
  7. 2014

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    Listen!!! still goes off - it’s so major!
  8. God they were so amazing last night. It was my third time seeing them and this was by far the most energetic crowd I've ever seen. Like I was shocked how many people scream sang the bops from "a touch...", like Oh ya'll know this album like that? I say that because it was mostly young women like college age and gays, with many around me screaming "DO LIKE WHOA!" and then starting a "CHEMICALS! CHEMICALS!" chant, and I was like ya better get the f out now because they're not gonna do it.

    Closer popped off too, you would've thought it was their own song. I do wish they did some more songs from Ten Years/Sanctuary but I've heard those on past tours and it was nice to have "a touch" shine. The medley of Symptons and Am I Alright was also awesome.

    But overall, what an experience hearing this album live finally. I cannot wait for their next record. I was sent the studio version of Blue Dress and it's gorgeous, very Slow Dancing vibes.

    Almost bought the tour white vinyl (only $20!?), but decided I don't need 2 copies of this album. Growth
  9. Not this...
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  10. That in combo with liking pro-Johnny Depp stuff on Twitter...really pushing us to the limit.
  11. I just want the European tour dates.
  12. What the
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  13. What’s wrong with Ben Platt?

    I have a feeling the European tour will be dropped.
  14. Whoever is attending a Ben Platt concert of their own volition doesn't deserve good music.
  15. Is this punishment for us roasting Dear Evan Hansen?
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  16. They since unliked and walked it back to thank god.
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  17. Good! I missed the walk back. What did they say?
  18. Probably not the thread to be asking this in, but what's wrong with being "pro-Johnny Depp"?
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