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Aly & AJ - a touch of the beat...

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 17, 2020.

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  1. I don't really want to touch this or derail the thread, but his court case with Amber Heard is extremely ugly. Despite what may or may not have happened, at the end of the day, there is more than enough evidence that shows Johnny Depp is a destructive person with enormous problems that he needs help with, but people feel like it's open season to say disgusting things and make offensive "jokes" about women who come forward about abuse.
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  2. Just that they were ‘mistaken likes’ - obviously untrue but they probably saw there’s more to the situation when they got the outrage.

    I know my Twitter (not even necessarily thanks to people I follow) was all ardently pro Johnny until the past couple days so I can understand how people were sucked in by the PR spin.
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  3. Anyway..

    Paradise is a bop
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  4. Same. It's been very upsetting. I don't have much faith in how this will turn out, but I hope in the end, there's some sort of justice.

    Glad the girls felt the heat.
  5. He’s not gonna invite you to Pirate Movie 6 girls!
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  6. Is Ben Platt seriously shifting more concert tickets than the girls? That's so upsetting.
  7. The male Leah Michelle
  8. EU announcement ‘this month :)’ according to their management so not all hope is lost.

  9. Really moving speech at NYC's March For Our Lives yesterday (@ 9:00). If anyone had missed it, they got caught in a mass shooting on the first night of the tour.

    With that & all their bus breakdowns these past two months, I hope they're ok. Hopefully the EU leg will be stress free when those dates finally come.
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  10. Dance With You - June 23rd.
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  11. I see fans keep commenting on their posts about the European tour dates and not getting responses.

    Wish they’d either announce it or cancel it already
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  12. Yeah it’s really frustrating. There’s a Sanctuary Zoom tomorrow so hopefully we get some tea from there.
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  13. They’d responded to someone a few weeks back saying the European tour had been rescheduled and it was getting announced next week (which was now last week.) No idea what’s going on.
  14. I didn’t bother posting in here because it was so unreliable but they / their team said ‘next week’ multiple times throughout the tour.

    I guess it’s completely out of their control at this point.
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  15. I have friends travelling from Ireland to attend the Glasgow date. So it would be good if they could let us know just so people can get things organised or get a refund if they can’t make the new date.

  16. They said Wednesday announcement for the new dates in Saturday's Sanctuary Zoom... this is now next Tuesday.

    The tour has also gone from 20 dates to 8. I'd assume the smaller cities are most at risk but it sounded like it was mostly due to scheduling so the cancellations might not adhere to much reason.
  17. If it’s down to 8 dates then I’m guessing 1 date per country.
  18. That doesn’t bode well for Ireland, but I’ll try not to lose too much hope.
  19. They did 5 dates last time and three of those were Manchester, London and Dublin so it’s anyone’s guess.
  20. Have they said anything about the Sanctuary 2 vinyl? I feel like it’s been forever since it was announced.
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