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Aly & AJ - a touch of the beat...

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 17, 2020.

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  1. ‘It’s on a boat’ was all that was said in the zoom. Hopefully they have Vol 3 sorted already since we’re already nearing the end of Year 3.
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  2. It’s some bullshit to clarify that the tour has more than halved without tell us which shows are cancelled.
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  3. Not feeling hopeful if more than half the dates are cancelled - mine is bound to be one, and I can bet whichever replacement dates are available will either clash with something already planned or sell out instantly.
  4. Newcastle date is up on SeeTickets - November 5th. I'd have thought this one would be cancelled so maybe us UK girls will be lucky. Berlin, Hamburg, Koln & Oslo have disappeared from Live Nation but Paris, Birmingham, Manchester & London are still there (the other UK/EU dates weren't listed here to begin with).

    I guess dates finally are coming tomorrow.
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  5. I hope Glasgow makes it, but I’m not hopeful!
  6. Looks like these are the 12 cancellations, I got this email from a European venue.

    “To our wonderful fans in Milan, Warsaw, Cologne, Zurich, Vienna, Berlin, Hamburg, Oslo, Malmo, Stockholm, Antwerp and Copenhagen...

    We are so sorry we aren´t able to reschedule the shows in your city for later this year. :(
    We will do everything we can to get to you as soon as possible!
    You all know how much we love to travel abroad, so this truly breaks our heart. One day soon we will bring you A Touch of the Beat & much more.

    All our love,
    Aly & AJ"
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  7. I'd have grouped Germany and Sweden cause as it is, listing so many cities sksksksl
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  8. The wine and tomatoes are sending me sorry.
  9. 'We love Italian cuisine but no enough to get to Milan'
  10. The irony is they sent that letter from Milan, they’re over in Europe doing some USO dates.

    I hope the American soldiers are Little Ampersands!
  11. I get what they were going for by hand writing a letter but I’m not sure it works…

    I hope I can still make the Birmingham date as I’d love to see so much of this album live!
  12. I really hope the new dates don't clash with Sugababes.
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  13. 31/10 - Paris
    2/11 - Amsterdam
    3/11 - Manchester
    5/11 - Newcastle
    6/11 - Glasgow
    7/11 - London
    8/11 - Birmingham
    10/11 - Dublin

    The Paris venue was changed to La Machine du Moulin Rouge but the rest are the same.
  14. The rescheduled Glasgow date meaning I now have four gigs in one week, ok work.
  15. I’m genuinely surprised that the UK dates have remained intact.
  16. Thank you for this. Delighted to see Dublin!
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  17. Hazel English is opening for them! This makes me even more bummed they cancelled my show
  18. I’m not surprised they kept the Paris date after how much they raved about playing there the last time.

    It’s a shame that it’s on Halloween but I’ll just have to go the concert in my costume.

    Beyond excited for Hazel English supporting them. I only discovered her thanks to her beautiful remix of Slow Dancing and now I’m a fan. She’s such a perfect fit for them.
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