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Aly & AJ - Ten Years + Sanctuary (EPs)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Plethorya, May 5, 2016.

  1. That narrative that they keep pushing is quite unpleasant but hey whatever. They still could play some songs from Hothouse.
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  2. Think you may have been behind me at the merch stand!

    Brilliant gig, even though half of the faguettes at it were a bit too tall ddd.
  3. At the London show the key demographic appeared to be women in their 20s who were aged between 8-13 when "Cow Belles" came out.
  4. I was the one who kept asking the girl at the merch stand to see tshirts in larges and smalls to see if they’d fit instead, and then apologising profusely to her for holding up the queue haha.
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  5. Okay but will they officially release their Slow Burn cover.
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  6. I think that was the plan - rerelease the EP with 2 acoustics and that cover???
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  7. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Moderator

    I didn't even realize they had solo songs... I don't want the amount of songs to get bloated as I'm already including 78violet songs and Hothouse, so maybe. When I open the rate, I'll see everyone's reactions and decide.
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  8. Okay. Neither of them have a lot, Aly has three and I think AJ has like 6 or 7, but I would rather have all the 78violet and Houthouse songs than the solo ones.
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  9. I don't think the solo stuff would be hugely missed if you're set on not having a large amount of songs - but if you don't mind there's not too much.
    AJ has 11 solo songs (4 of these are collaborations from The Goldbergs Mixtape which you could skip honestly), Aly has 5, 3 from the Bandslam soundtrack and 1 from an episode of CSI: NY, 1 from Hellcats.
    In a rate on the Aly & AJ discord pre-Sanctuary, some of these did quite well. One of Aly's was #47 (out of #100).

    They also have a couple miscellaneous songs from Disney compilations which you could skip, they're more of a novelty and I am pretty confident they'd all be dead last.

    I wonder, in terms of the 78violet songs what you're including?
    The full 33(ish) songs we have or just the 13 from the leaked Hothouse album?
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  10. Their Hothouse and unreleased material is great, it shows their amazing evolution and it's full of music gems. They shouldn't forget about that era, because they should be proud of all those songs (I wished someone who saw them in the meet and greet told them about that!!).
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  11. I did actually mention how much I love the Hothouse 'album' at my meet & greet.

    It's not that they hate those songs, they did play Hothouse & Boy on the last tour.
    It's just that the 10 year narrative works much better than 'we came back in the middle but no-one wanted to sign us, one label strung us along and by the end of it we were depressed about music and lost all of our passion for it' - it doesn't have as much as a ring to it.
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  12. Well done! If everybody told them, they could get the masters of all those tracks and release them indepently, couldn't they?

    Anyway, I don't understand why they aren't bigger right now. Their Youtube videos have very low numbers when these songs are amazing.

    CHURCH - 682.000 views

    DON'T GO CHANGING - 243.000 views

    STAR MAPS - 155.000 views

    It doesn't make sense!
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  13. They recorded them independently, so they will actually own all the masters.
    Over the years fans have talked to them about releasing demos / unreleased stuff and they've mostly said they didn't want to because they were worried people would be confused and think it was new material.
    Maybe one day they'll warm up to the idea - but if they do I think it definitely won't be until they're more established (in size of their audience & quantity of post-comeback material).

    There's no label / big management company pushing them in the algorithm.
  14. I feel like 682,000 for Church is really good, considering they're independent.
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  15. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Moderator

    I'll look into the solo songs then and decide. And I definitely agree about their songs on the Disney compilations, I barely considered them.

    This is what the song list looks like now with officially released material + Hothouse (58 songs total).
    Into the Rush
    01. Rush
    02. No One
    03. Collapsed
    04. Something More
    05. On the Ride
    06. Speak for Myself
    07. Out of the Blue
    08. In a Second
    09. I Am One of Them
    10. Sticks & Stones
    11. Protecting Me
    12. Slow Down
    13. Do You Believe In Magic
    14. Walking On Sunshine
    15. Chemicals React
    16. Shine
    17. Never Far Behind

    Acoustic Hearts of Winter
    01. Greatest Time of Year
    02. Not This Year

    01. Potential Breakup Song
    02. Bullseye
    03. Closure
    04. Division
    05. Like It Or Leave It
    06. Like Whoa
    07. Insomniatic
    08. Silence
    09. If I Could Have You Back
    10. Blush
    11. Flattery
    12. I’m Here
    13. Careful With Words
    14. Tears

    01. Belong Here
    + TBA

    01. Hothouse
    02. Blow My House Down
    03. Crawl
    04. Boy
    05. Fifteen & a Half
    06. 5 Damn Days
    07. Heart
    08. Little Notes
    09. Freak
    10. Hole In the Earth
    11. 8 Hours
    12. 53rd Floor
    13. Today

    Ten Years
    01. Take Me
    02. I Know
    03. Promises
    04. The Distance
    05. Good Love
    06. With You

    01. Church
    02. Don’t Go Changing
    03. Star Maps
    04. Not Ready to Wake Up
    05. Sanctuary

    I included Belong Here because it was officially released on iTunes at the time, and I’ll maybe include 5-10 of the leaks. I'm hesitant to make it any more than that, because like I said, I don't want the rate to get overly bloated with extras and other leaks. I have a few favourites (“The Next Worst Thing” and “The Good, The Bad & The Boring” come to mind), but it also depends on what’s actually available online to hear, because I don’t want people seeking out download links for leaks. I'll probably just let the voters decide which of the leaks they want included.
  16. That’s a pretty excellent list, and you’ve great taste in their leaks too. I approve!
  17. This sounds fair.
    I would like a few unreleased tracks included - namely Plutonium as the most pop & current-sounding of the bunch (it's also the latest, I believe it was recorded in 2014/15).

    As for the solo stuff, my suggestion would be the following.
    I kind of ranked these in order of worthiness to be included? If you felt like you only wanted to include a couple.
    1. All I've Ever Needed - Single from the Grace Unplugged soundtrack
    2. Escapism - Song from Steven Universe soundtrack
    3. Here Comes A Thought (with Estelle) - Song from Steven Universe soundtrack
    4. It's Who You Are - Single/theme from the Secretariat film.
    1. My Shadow - From CSI: NY
    2. Brand New Day - Song from Hellcats soundtrack
    4. Someone to Fall Back On - Song from Bandslam soundtrack

    The main issue is Aly's stuff (aside from My Shadow) is all essentially live recordings.
    So whilst it would be cute to have these included, I could understand if you didn't want to.
  18. I can upload both albums I have to that Mega website so users can easily download anything of the songs you wish to include.
  19. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    I can't stop playing Star Maps - the chorus is such a delight.
  20. @RainOnFire where do you stand on "Blush" as featured on the original Insomniatic pressing in the US but sadly missing from my international edition?
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