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Aly & AJ - Ten Years + Sanctuary (EPs)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Plethorya, May 5, 2016.

  1. That girl so scandalous
    And I know another ___ can't handle it
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  2. SCREAM.

    I knew it was a male song but my worm brain never would've conjured up that.

  3. Just call me gay Nona Gaye.
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  4. Ddd I don't think that's what I was thinking of but it does sound like that too.
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  5. They’ve come a long way!!

  6. Not Ready to Wake Up is on my Grindr profile, gotta show these bumpkins some great Pop music.
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  7. Aly did an impromptu live - she said they're choosing tracks for the album on Saturday.
    She also said they'll be in the UK again this year though not for a full tour.

    No mention of Joan of Arc on the Dance Floor so it might becoming later than we think?
  8. UK again this year? 2020 suddenly got better.
  9. The new song is phenom. That's all.
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  10. I was thinking about this earlier, but something I really love about their music is you can track the progression from each album, both officially released and leaked. I mean, Into The Rush is a solid, standard pop-rock debut that shows promise, and the two new songs on Acoustic Hearts Of Winter continute the pop-rock of the debut, with Not This Year going a little harder then most of their earlier songs. Insomniatic is the follow up that creates perfection by doubling down on the rock elements and bringing in some electronics and dance flourishes, with their unreleased self-titled taking the angstier feel of some of the Insomniatic tracks, making the songs rock a little harder with a punk feel without losing the poppier melodies. Then the unreleased Hothouse album takes those rockier elements and adds a dreamier sheen to them, with some slighlty folky sprinkles spread throughout, as well as having more of an indie feel. After this, Ten Years takes those dreamier, slightly indie elements and gives them an 80s-esque pop-rock synthy sheen, then Sanctuary doubles down on the synths and the dancier elements, continuing the progress. Finally, Attack Of Panic takes the synth-pop dance feel of Sanctuary, and adds a darker edge to it all, creating another masterpiece. I'm so excited for this album.
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  11. The girls have hit 1 million views in a week. I still can't get enough of this.
  12. Woohoo! I think that's pretty great for them. And me too. I keep getting blown away and finding new elements to enjoy.
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  13. Yeah i'm still obsessed with this. Easily one of this year's best.
  14. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The sense of urgency all the way through it is a great way to soundtrack running for your last bus, as I discovered last night.
  15. I listened to this on repeat last Sunday when Storm Ciara was doing the most. I was rushing through a practically deserted Tottenham Court Road at 7:30am with the rain and wind battering me.

    Let me tell you, it was a goddamn moment!!!
  16. I love Attack of Panic. They've done such a brilliant job slowly building their sound and image with these releases.

    Can we chat about how great all their artwork has been? Take Me and 10 Years Deluxe are my faves, but this new one is up there too.
  17. Yeah, they've been so on point with everything, but especially with the photoshoots and artwork. I think my favorite is the Church single cover, or both Ten Years covers.
  18. I wonder if they’ll get any invites to write for bigger artists. Take Me would be an obnoxiously perfect fit for Katy Perry.
  19. New logo on the website.
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