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Aly & AJ - Ten Years + Sanctuary (EPs)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Plethorya, May 5, 2016.

  1. This is a bit of a serve.
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  2. I love Aly of AJ.

    I don't love the logo.
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  3. ...ew? It's not very good.
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  4. I'll take any logo as long as it's on the front cover of an album full of bops of the same calibre as Attack Of Panic.
  5. This reads very ALY OR AJ
  6. The website is now down (along with this image embed I think?) - so maybe we're headed for a full revamp.

    It will always bug me that they didn't sort this before Attack of Panic though, the video has the old logo.
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  7. upload_2020-2-18_22-8-40.png
    The old one was better.
  8. It’s very 80’s USSR
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  9. I haven’t listened to much of their stuff but this “Attack of Panic” is so good.
  10. Listen to everything right now.
  11. Can you please listen to Promises, Church and Sanctuary (in that very order) ASAP, please.
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  12. I have a very unpopular opinion. I just don't like or care about Attack of Panic. I tried listening to it numerous times and it just sounds like noise. And too industrial for them if that makes any sense. The distortion on the vocals is also grating.

    I love everything the girls do. Been a loyal fan since Insomniatic but this one is just not clicking. I had the same problem with Church. And just like with that one everyone LOVES it on here. And I'm thinking to myself, has my taste just gone up and left?

    I'm disappointed in myself for not caring about the two songs mentioned.

    Sanctuary EP is still in my top 5 of 2019.
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  13. They were all so good! Definitely need to check out everything.
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  14. Gave these girls a chance and now I'm obsessed! Just ordered Sanctuary CD from their site
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  15. Good Love was featured last night on the Freeform show Good Trouble!

    I'm so proud of our girls. Any exposure helps. I kinda geeked out when it started playing.
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  16. A great song on a great show, yas
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  17. Yes.
    Attack of Panic isn't industrial at all.
  18. AJ's boyfriend is one of the stars of this show - I wonder if that had something to do with it.

    A well deserved sync regardless.
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  19. I somehow forgot to watch the video and only watched it today. Wow! It’s so perfect for the song. It also made me want to go to Berlin again, they should actually get some money from Berlin city for promoting the city so well.
  20. They just did a KILLER show in NYC.
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