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Aly & AJ: The Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, Jun 16, 2020.

  1. The 'now I know what Perfume stans think whenever I open my mouth in that thread' realization here.

    Out of the Blue is one of the biggest growers for me over the years. I could've easily given it a 10 (9.5) but I was trying to limit my 10s as best as I could. Heart is a good elimination.
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  2. Oh, Heart was my (joint) highest score on Hothouse!
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  3. I still have my original copy of Into the Rush and the re-release, it was one of my most played albums as a kid but it just doesn't hold up very well in 2020. I don't think it deserves high marks just based on nostalgia?

    It doesn't help that they're a particularly exciting group to follow post-Ten Years.
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  4. @Ugly Beauty - If it helps, my quote was meant that now I also know what it feels like to say anything in the Perfume rate because the original fans all like their early stuff and I don't as much, where I now sit in the position of watching Aly & AJ's older stuff get slaughtered and feel attacked when it gets slighted. I agree with your sentiments!
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  5. Wait, I'm the villain. Stop stealing my thunder @Ugly Beauty
  6. How I rated their discog versus how my actual listening history/experience was interesting to me.

    - I gave my most tens & highest overall score to Insomniatic, but have actually listened to that one less over the years.

    - Hothouse era is probably their most creatively interesting & curious to me... and perhaps I overscored a tad there. That whole direction was really up my alley, though.

    - I love a lot of their recent stuff, but also find some of it a tad overrated (at least on the forum). The stuff I love, I really love, though.

    Ultimately, Into The Rush is still my overall fave album & era of theirs. Outside of a few of their recent songs, it's the album I'm most inclined to fire up if I'm in the mood for some Aly & AJ. They really don't have any 'bad' or unlistenable music for me though... so this rate has been legit interesting to follow. I wasn't really sure what to expect, as far as elimination order.
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  7. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I'm sensing a bit of tension... I whipped these up right now because unfortunately this round isn't much better for the people who are upset, but I promise you tomorrow will give you all a bit of a breather! (Even if I, myself, am mad about these next two nn, they're some of my favourites.)

    35. Crawl

    Average: 7.678
    Highest Score: 10 x3 (@Music Is Life, @fatyoshi, @unnameable)
    Lowest Score: 3 x1 (@imaduck)
    My Score: 9.5

    "Crawl" becomes our ninth Hothouse song to be eliminated, leaving four songs in the running.

    This is one of those instances where I honestly believe this would've done so much better if it was officially released. It sounds like it could've been a single to me. Beautifully sung, beautifully written, beautifully produced.

    "My shame weighs more than yours / it creeps up but it never shows / that I am not yours" is such an incredible lyric to me; knowing that when you go back to someone who you shouldn't be going back to, even the weight of the shame isn't enough to dictate that it's not the right decision.

    34. Shine

    Average: 7.685
    Highest Score: 10 x2 (@Sprockrooster, @savilizabeths)
    Lowest Score: 4.5 x2 (@Hurricane Drunk, @M24)
    My Score: 9

    Another day, another two-horse race between Into the Rush and Hothouse to see which album gets eliminated first as they now each have four songs left. "Shine" is the second of three bonus tracks from the deluxe version of Into the Rush to exit (spoiler alert/not really: "Chemicals React" isn't leaving for a while).

    This one is... kind of insane, right? It's like a weird mashup of two different songs. The verses are almost '90s Max Martin-esque, and they still sound pretty fresh, if I can say that? The pre-chorus and chorus feel like they're from a different song though. But wow, the middle-8 does an incredible job of launching that key change/final chorus into the stratosphere. It's such an odd little thing but I love it.


    Like I said at the beginning of the post, Into the Rush and Hothouse will get a break tomorrow. Unfortunately, I know most of those albums are already gone, but I think this next part of the rate will be a little better because we're inevitably getting down to the best of the best, so it'll be more of a split between all of their projects.​
  8. Crawl was another of my favourites on Hothouse! Hopefully Boy manages to stick around a bit longer as I think that's the best thing on there.

    Shine, eh, it's a 7/10 but we're at a stage now where those are my lowest scores left and I'd rather lose that than pretty much anything on Insomniatic.

    I'm worried the next cuts are going to be painful...
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  9. Crawl was also one of my favorites on hothouse

    but unfotunately, it was on hothouse.

    Shine is amazing - but honestly most things left are. most.
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  10. Ddddd @imaduck you really didn't like anything on Hothouse did you?
  11. I like Freak and Hothouse. One went first, and I imagine the other will go last. But would be happy if everything else was gone before 30.

    I would be happy if Hothouse was top 10.
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  12. This means I’m probably going to be the low scorer on Hothouse, then!
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. Despite my relatively low score (6), I do really like Shine.

    Crawl, once again, deserved much better - but I've come to expect the Hothouse panning here.
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  15. A couple more 9.5's there. Shine has that "shiiiiiiine" hook reminds me of a much more prominent pop song that does something similar but I am drawing a blank right now though even know I can hear it in my head. It does it better anyways.

    Crawl is definitely one of the best Hothouse tracks. That guitar driving the song is quite literally sex in audio form.
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  16. M24


    Damn, we lost a bit too much of Hothouse! 53rd Floor, Heart and Crawl were all 7+ for me!

    I'm sorry to the ones who love Into the Rush. I'm a low scorer for a bunch of the last few eliminations, and I swear it's not that I dislike any of the songs there. They're just.. okay in the context of their whole discography.

    Having said that, the singles + Collapsed need to be in the top 20 at least (heck, my 11 is one of those!) so I don't think the album should lack representation at the top.
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  17. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    33. Blush

    Average: 7.759
    Highest Score: 10 x4 (@Music Is Life, @phily693, @unnameable, @savilizabeths)
    Lowest Score: 4.5 x1 (@Ana Raquel)
    My Score: 9

    "Blush" is track ten on Insomniatic, and the third track to be eliminated from the album after "Tears" and "I'm Here".

    The story behind this one is so bizarre. It was originally announced as part of the original tracklist. Something was fishy right away because back in 2007, used to have a thing called The Leak where they would post an album to stream a week before it was released. Insomniatic was posted to The Leak on July 3, but "Blush" was excluded.

    Then the album was released digitally on July 10... and "Blush" was nowhere to be found on iTunes. We got to hear "Blush" because those were the glory days of 320kbps CD rips being posted online right away. But it turns out that "Blush" was only part of the initial pressings of the album, and it's no longer available anywhere.

    To date, we still don't have official confirmation as to why it was removed. Maybe someone can ask them in their livestreams if they do a Q&A? (cc: @Butterfly) The main guess it that the track speaks about sex, the first verse making it quite obvious with that final line:

    You openly admit
    The things you'd like more of from me
    Somehow I find it attractive
    That you won't censor anything
    With you there is no filter
    To sugarcoat what is said
    Even though I like your honesty
    It won't lead me to your bed

    I mean... it's hardly "My Neck, My Back", but God forbid a Disney album have references to sex. And mind you, the entire song is about not being ready for sex.

    Please take me under with you
    But I will only let you go so far
    It can be our secret
    You know what our boundaries are

    The girls have talked about how every lyric of theirs was run through a censor during their Disney days (I'll speak about one of their lyric changes down the line) so it just makes you wonder how on earth something like this slipped through the cracks to the point that Hollywood Records has tried to retcon it out of existence. And what makes it a shame is that it's absolutely gorgeous.

    It has a really beautiful ethereal quality to it, and the violin that pops in and out during the middle-eight is divine. The two of them also sound stunning on this. I know it's easy to sing the praises of rarities and b-sides, but I genuinely think this one is amazing and I still consider it to be part of the album.

    Also @imaduck stans: "Why on earth is this not on Spotify? Such a beautiful song, They didn't do a lot of piano compositions, but I'm pretty sure every single one of them is incredible, again, probably brilliant because it's just those two on the credits".

    32. Careful With Words

    Average: 7.815
    Highest Score: 9.5 x1 (@Music Is Life)
    Lowest Score: 6 x2 (@M24, @soratami)
    My Score: 8

    Insomniatic is slowly starting to get chipped as we move up the rankings, as the second and final bonus track on Insomniatic, "Careful With Words", exits next. I think it's safe to say that most of you guys like this one - that lowest score is probably the highest so far?

    The song was originally included on Walmart editions of the album, and was later included on the Japan-only deluxe re-release. It was written solely by the sisters, who also wrote "I'm Here", "Insomniatic", and "Blush" together.

    Can we talk about the fact that this song has a verse, a chorus, another verse, a chorus, TWO middle-eights, a chorus, and an outro, plus a couple of instrumental breaks... and clocks in at 2:20?!? Ahead-of-their-time queens tbh! This would be a streaming smash. It's such a fun little rush of a song, and the line "Shoppers we are closing, please go home" still makes me laugh.

  18. I like Careful With Words but it's fitting that it was relegated to bonus track status.

    Blush is absolutely beautiful, a highlight of Insomniatic. I would also be interested to know the full story, I only haven't asked because they've never really given space for a question like that about the old days? But yeah I would love to know.
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  19. The story around Blush is interesting, but I don't think the song itself is good enough to sustain any hype that the minor scandal of its censoring/removal generated. I've always found it one of the more underwhelming tracks on Insomniatic.
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  20. How is completely empty stuff like With You and Insomniatic still here tho?
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