Aly & AJ - With Love From


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The insider who said that Slow Dancing would fit this album was spot-on. It's definitely not as immediate as A Touch of the Beat, but it sounds like an intentional choice and I don't mind because it makes me want to give it repeat listens.

Way of Nature and Blue Dress are my highlights, they're both so stunning and I love how they sound almost delicate and fragile. The harmonies on the former are gorgeous and I love how gentle and reassuring the latter is, similar to Slow Dancing in that sense (although the "I don't care who you've been with..." bit sounds like it has the same melody as "And I saw my reflection in the snow-covered hills..." nn, at least to me, so hopefully it goes under the radar).


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There's no Pretty Places/Symptom Of Your Touch highs here, but there's close (Love You This Way, Talking In My Sleep), however there's no real skips like Break Yourself/Lost Cause, so I'm very happy with this. Their voices kill me.
I’ve played this a couple more times now and I am into it. It’s still not as good an album as ATOTB for me, but I like it.
I have had to reorder the track listing (a few times) but have settled on this.

1. Open to Something and that Something is You
2. Baby Lay Your Head Down
3. Sunchoke
4. Talking in My Sleep
5. With Love From
6. Blue Dress
7. After Hours
8. Tear the Night Up
9. Love You This Way
10. Way of Nature Way of Grace
11. 6 Months of Staring Into the Sun
Very tempted to buy the vinyl but over $40 alone for shipping is insane. Do we know if there will be a deluxe edition of it?
In theory but it's not ready to go this time around, so even if it doesn't morph into its own project, it would be over a year for the vinyl. I think they'd differentiate the cover this time too, after they've ended up with a lot of A Touch of the Beat overstock.
This album is a vibe- after being a bit meh on the pre-release singles, by third listen, I love it- and the singles make much more sense in the context. Definitely less obvious/instant than their last, but richer in some ways. Shares a lot of sonic and thematic territory with Taylor's 'Cowboy Like Me,' which is supremely high praise, and makes sense of their early 'Evermore' comparisons.
They've done it again. I was afraid I wouldn't use the album as the genre isn't my favorite but it ended up being a grower.

My top 5 off the album:
6 months of staring into the sun
Open to something and that something is you
Baby lay your head down
Talking in my sleep
I definitely don’t enjoy it as much as A Touch Of The Beat but there is a lot to love here. It feels like the sister album to Hothouse in some ways.