Aly & AJ - With Love From

I think it's stronger than A touch of the beat but Slow Dancing was also far and away my favorite from that album. I do think there are more obvious high points on the previous album but Open to Something, Blue Dress, Sunchoke and Six Minutes of Staring are as good as anything from A touch.
It's don't think it's as good as A Touch of the Beat but that alone is not really an issue, it's such a high bar.

The production doesn't always work for me personally. With Love From & Sunchoke, for example, feel like they'd have been easy 10s if they were produced with the last album. It's more so the vocals than the lack of synth, though I enjoyed the pop sheen even the more stripped tracks like Slow Dancing had.

I'm appreciating it as a cute detour (with some of their best songwriting yet) but I would be disappointed if the next album is exactly like this.
Interesting review from Pitchfork, I wasn't sure what exactly to take from it dd. It seems like they like this more than A Touch of the Beat?
I think the singles from this should've been

Tear the Night Up
Baby Lay Your Head Down
Open to Something
Love You This Way

The upbeat tracks are the album's best selling point. Title track isn't a single. The issue is there's no lead single I guess.

Album's really growing big time.
Love this album. '6 Months Of Staring Into The Sun' is a such enchanting haze of a song. Kind of addicted to it, maybe. Reminds me of some lost Beach Boys song from the 70s (an era which contains a ton of underrated gems by them.)
I know the answer is probably no, but is there anywhere to order the new vinyl to the UK without paying £30 P&P?

I'm amazed no other stores seem to stock their records.