Aly & AJ - With Love From

I ended up pre-ordering "With Love From", along with finally purchasing a copy of "a touch of the beat..." after waiting a year, just to trick myself into thinking that made the shipping cost feel more reasonable. It's a shame that there being no availability outside the US and these shipping costs makes it difficult for many of us to purchase the physicals.
I also need to place an order on their store but keep changing my mind last minute due to shipping costs.

Would a group buy potentially make things cheaper?
Slow Dancing is probably my favourite song of theirs and yet this album is leaving me colder than cold - I’ve listened twice and can’t really see me returning to it at all which is such a shame.
I feel similar. I've warmed to the album but haven't gone back to it in a few days.
There just isn't anything like the highs of the last album for me and whilst I do enjoy much of what's here, it isn't gripping me anywhere near like ATOTB did (and still does).
Yeah, after sitting with this for a week I can say I don't love it as much as A Touch of the Beat. But I do like it and respect what they were going for!

With how much music they've put out in recent years and the way their sound has evolved, I have no doubt they'll put something out again that I'm obsessed with.
I think this album is a bit of a bore. The last record was so good because it managed to find balance between all the things they were playing with; those sun-limned mid-tempos, the added dimension to the gay crack breathy electro-pop that was starting to wear thin on Sanctuary. With this, it feels like everything has lurched too far into lethargy; they want to be in their Golden Hour bag so bad but instead it feels like it's a bunch of woozy murmuring. Nothing bad, but nothing particularly brilliant either. Surprised to see people label "Sunchoke" as a highlight when... it seems to really shamelessly lift a lot from the title track?
Tour started! Not a ton to report, the setlist was as-teased a few weeks back. They finally sent out an email about the membership cards, you just have to show your app menu (which says whether you're a paying member) to get one from the merch stand.

The new Rush arrangement is heaven.
Saw them last night in Seattle. I was a little cool on their latest album, but most of the songs worked much better for me live - and everything from A Touch Of The Beat... or before went OFF. Take Me was probably my big highlight of the night, even more so than Potential Bible Song. Overall it was a great night and my only complaint is that it was a Sunday night and now I feel like a dead body at work today. Would definitely recommend seeing them, even if you weren't crazy about the new album like me.
I know Potential Bore Song was most of you all's 'fave song to burn for Jordynn's 12th party CDr' and it's special etc but really they have at least 30 songs better than it.

..and from the last time I seen them they seem to be trying to make it less of the “moment” that it is. Different arrangements and if I remember right they changed if not removed one of the ‘big parts’ I can’t remember.