Amaarae - Fountain Baby

Don't forget "LIKE IT" which isn't on the album and might be my favourite of her songs (unfortunately when I entered it into PJSC recently voters didn't agree with me!)

The album is great, and she's an exciting new voice in African pop generally, so I equally look forward to whatever she does next.
Just discovered this and I’m living. The way she serves those cooing baby vocals reminiscent of Grimes and Yolandi Visser but with greater finesse while traversing beats with fresh takes on reggae, R&B, and hip-hop... it’s a yes from me. Also giving me Aluna but less commercial? FANCY, SAD U BROKE MY HEART, and PARTY SAD FACE/CRAZY WURLD are making me bop the hardest on first listen but the whole album is fully worth listening to.


This is fantastic. I'm obsessed. Thank you so much for the recommendation @Jonathan27!