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Amanda Seyfried - Gimme Gimme Gimme

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by poploz, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. i adore her! shes just sooo darling! This is better then i was expecting as well. She is wonderful actress too. Big Love is one of my favorite tv shows. Not to mention Veronica Mars.

    And I love that Benny is in this.
  2. The backing track remains relatively intact and there are no rap breaks so I suppose it’s OK. Benny thinks it’s acceptable so I’ll shut up.

    However, he’s probably crying into his bank statement as everything else is looking like awful American-“izedâ€￾, Disney/Christina-like, movie-by-numbers, predictable rubbish.
  3. Much better than Ashley Tisdale's latest attempts at covering the classics.
  4. Lilly Kane isn't dead!

    She's just killing ol' Abba standards.


  5. Her cameos were such a delight in the first season, weren't they? God I miss that show, it was the rightful heir to Buffy.

    Back on point, her voice is good for an actress but only OK for a popstar. Perhaps if she was dolled up by the best stylists and surrounded by backup dancers she might be able to moonlight as a pop singer. The fact that they kept the backing track the same makes it all a bit 'karaoke' but it's a nice enough diversion.
  6. I just finished watching the 1st season of Veronica Mars on DVD this past weekend. She did indeed steal every scene she was in - loved her.

    Anyways, you have to be incredibly brave or incredibly stupid to attempt an ABBA cover sober, let alone release it as a single, and I'll leave it at that ...
  7. I know what you mean... she'd convince me more than Meryl Streep. I fucking love her in Mean Girls and Veronica Mars. Get around to it, sifr! But only season 1. The rest is very disappointing.

    Anyway, lovely as she is, she's no popstar. And what's the point in releasing a cover without changing a single thing about the original?
  8. tommie

    tommie Guest

    I think it's just being released to promote the movie - I doubt there'll be a release beyond a digital one or that she'll do performances of it of it.
  9. well i have seen the video of it, which has been 'less than impressive'.

    however anything with her in it is automatiucally two to three notches better, so i won't complain.
  10. Bring back Veronica Mars!
  11. She is so fetch, but I don't really like this!
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