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Amazing Pop Moments

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Kirkland, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. This is a thread for you to post some of your favourite Amazing Pop Moments. What is an Amazing Pop Moment? I'd say it's when everything comes together in one perfect instant. The campaign is right. The visuals are right. The song is right. Culture is right. Everything makes sense for that one split-second. An Amazing Pop Moment doesn't need to be a big cultural pop moment. It can be smaller, a performance that possibly didn't achieve mainstream impact but works regardless. It can be a chain of events culminating in one Amazing Pop Moment. It could be an album campaign where it all went right. Post here and share with the rest of us. You can go for the obvious ones (the Spice Girls dominate The Brit Awards with that iconic performance) or a smaller Amazing Pop Moment like the one I'm about to post.

  2. Girls Aloud – "Something Kinda Ooooh!"

    Something Kinda Ooooh is peak Girls Aloud. They were suddenly in vogue after years of struggling to be taken seriously despite their manufactured origins. Their last album didn’t sell well despite critical praise and all the remarkable weirdo pop they were offering. I always felt Girls Aloud came across like a punk band that decided to do pop music; they were ramshackle, shambolic, and sometimes messy. Their videos looked like pisstake parodies of pop promos, they were that cheap.

    It all came together in one Amazing Pop Moment for Something Kinda Ooooh!

    The video is a car with a projector aimed at it and the girls pretending to drive.

    The song is a nonsensical bonkers bop.

    But the best part of this entire Amazing Pop Moment, probably the actual 'moment', was their celebratory performance on the Christmas edition of Top Of The Pops.

    It was an exciting powerhouse pop performance and I gagged! It honestly felt like a lap of victory for Girls Aloud. Everyone loved them and this was truly an Amazing Pop Moment. The entire campaign for this single was flawless and we all stanned happily ever after.
  3. Spice Girls Conquer The Brits (And The World!)

    This doesn't even need text.

  4. [​IMG]

    From constantly album delays. Amazing songs failing to set the chart alight. The fear that she’s may never hit it big or even get an album out really turned around with such a perfect video to a perfect song. Then watching her blow up in a big way since then has been an amazing pop moment to watch.
  5. I could post 90% of Girls Aloud discography in here, but Something New is the one for me.

  6. Gaga from 2008-2010
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  7. Pretty much the definition of Amazing Pop Moment(s).
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  8. Arguably the three best reinventions in pop history

    They did that.
  9. CD:UK had lots of amazing pop moments but Busted performing Who's David and segueing into introducing McFly for their first performance of Five Colours In Her Hair has stuck in my mind.

  10. 'All The Things She Said' by Russian pretend lesbians t.A.T.u.

    Problematic in 2018, but undeniably one of the most incredible pop songs and iconic music videos of the last few decades.


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  11. Love her or hate her this was a great moment in Pop and really showed the world Adele's talent:

  12. This song really just has it all. 30 years on almost, it still also feels just as relevant as ever I think.
  13. Speaking of Gaga, I think this is the Moment of 2016.
  14. Wannabe was a pretty defining moment in pop history. Same with Baby One More Time and I Will Always Love You.

    Beautiful and Since U Been Gone are too but maybe on a bit of a lesser scale. Vision of Love, as well.
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  15. I never heard of Since U Been Gone. I googled it, and I assume it's because Kelly Clarkson is probably more of a US sensation. The other tracks are pretty much universal, although I can't say how much an impact Wannabe had in the US. I know they were also huge in the US but methinks it was at a later stage so maybe the phenomenon there was not due to Wannabe but one of many factors.
  16. YES. Three bona fide Amazing Pop Moments.
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  17. Annie - Anthonio/Anthonio - Annie

    You might think it an odd choice for an Amazing Pop Moment, but I've got really fond memories of this single and the campaign to promote it, such as it was. If you have no budget, what do you do? You play out the story of the single you're promoting. Annie got on her MySpace with a photograph of the child she had been cruelly left with by that cad Anthonio and let the world bear witness to what happened during that fateful package holiday.

    The single itself is a lost pop classic, resurrected for a wider audience by a movie with him from Downton Abbey. I heard a snatch of it on the phone before anyone else, making it the only time in pop history that I became part of the promotional cycle for a pop single. Sally Shapiro got in on the act too, telling Annie via MySpace that she would help her any way she could now that she'd been left with Anthonio's baby. It was brilliant.


    Special editions of the single came wrapped in a colourful envelope. Where did I put mine?


    But if you thought Anthonio would take Annie's accusations without having his right to reply, you were bloody wrong! In the great tradition of pop came the inevitable reply track from Anthonio and it was titled...Annie! Richard X was definitely having some fun pushing his postmodern take on pop to an ultimate conclusion.

    A still featuring an actor from Scarface! And I think this is the vocalist from Datarock.


    This was an Amazing Pop Moment, albeit on a smaller scale compared to what we've offered up so far. It proves that an arch sense of humour is never a bad thing in the weird world of pop music.
  18. Was the real-life basis also with child? I can't see indication that she is, so was it just to make the song have more impact?
  19. No, it was all fictional. Funnily enough, Annie just gave birth the other day!
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  20. I hope she's happy and still wants to release music, even the odd EP! Come on girl!
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