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Ambient Music

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nathaniel Drury, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. Thanks, I'll check those.

    And, damn, how could I forget this masterpiece:


    Blade Runner Blues is life affirming.
  2. I’ve been coming back to Klaus Schulze’s score for Angst a lot recently. Freeze in particular is so haunting and beautiful.

    Also, Hauch by Kryshe is one of this year’s best electronic albums:
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  3. @beyonkasweave & noted Max Richter stan @Trinu 3.0
    The whole album is lovely, but this one. Stun.

    I could go on forever if we're gonna talk ambient but off the top of my head, favourite song and album, these were the MVPs of last year.



    (Try Chemical Flowers by Helm if you don't mind something a touch darker)
  4. These classics of course:

    and a recent fave:
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  5. Why didn't I know about this thread?!

    The latest in my albums in rotation:

    The whole of Ludovico's Seven Days Walking project is gorgeous. A pity I missed him in London:

    And the last work by the ultimate zad:

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  6. Pure aural crack.
  7. This is one of the most soothing experiences I've encountered in an album.

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  8. [​IMG]

    Oh, yes.

    Aw, my grumpy Norwegian ambient dad. It kind of runs out of ideas and starts repeating itself a bit two thirds in but the ooky rural Slavic gothic whatever of Departed Glories was everything, the title track especially.

    And with the benefit of not being terminally sleep-deprived and forgetful, I would just like to reneg on this statement and say that it is at the very least tied with this one. The soft flutes, the windy textures, the urban ambience mm ye

    Catch the excellent FFX Farplane vibes of The Moon Will Always Be There from her also very good sophomore album too.
    And it's only partially ambient but the new Four Tet album is incredible, please check it out.

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  9. [​IMG]

    I just read this article:

    And I've gone through some of the albums mentioned in it and honestly

    CHILLY BOPS!!!!!!!!

    In more modern news:

    I love Olafur, but... if I wanted to hear singing I would just listen to... anything else? I don't know, maybe he's trying to veer into producing or something.
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  10. Videogame OSTs have so many undiscovered gems, this for example is splendid, breathtakingly beatiful

    Honorable mentions;

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  11. Dark bop king Forest Swords went live last night to do an ambient soundtrack to the Geldingadalir volcanic eruption, using just synths and a sampler. It's stunning and went on for nearly three hours.

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  12. On Rateyourmusic I stumbled this great japanese ambient pop list, some of the songs are legitimately good, I recommend in particular Face To Face by Yumi Murata, Love Song by Mami Koyama and Dormir by Dip in The Pool (the solo album by Miyako Koda, Jupiter is quite great as a whole aswell, same with Tsukihime by Mioko Yamaguchi that is such a stellar Art Pop affair and it's also on Spotify!) and Forbidden Colours well...


    Also this is worth a mention, stellar arrangements and such an ominous and meditative vibe

    The whole album is actually worth a listen, if you are into Art Pop, it has everything; New Wave, Ambient, Modern Classical Piano Music and Bossa Nova and everything is done so well.
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  13. Enter Hèléne Vogelsinger



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  14. I am sad that Oneohtrix Point Never's Returnal was taken off from Spotify ":("

    This is an album I come back a lot to:
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  15. I usually listen to this to relax and calm down.
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  16. Get into it!

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  17. [​IMG]

    At this point I pretty much listen only to ambient music basically, dd, so here we go!

    Gigi Masin's Wind is a must listen, gorgeous production and it really has a great sense of melodies, I think he's known mostly for Clouds (that Bjork sampled, but a plethora of artists did as well) and for working in Gaussian Curve, this album is perfect for some reflective walk

    If you really enjoy japanese Neoclassical/New Age Music (was shocked to discover that Toshifumi Hinata's Reflections turned viral on Tik Tok of all places? How odd, happy to know that people are now discovering such a stunning song though!)

    This is a very simple album, but it's very emotional, it could easily be a masterpiece for the first song alone

    and Hajime Mizoguchi... whew! He's a cellist player, his album are quite interesting since he pretty much mixed it up quite often, not always successfully, Oasis is probably is most focused work, the melodies are pure beauty

    Also not strictly ambient but those two FF compilations, which consists in re orchestrated version of some tracks of the earlier Final Fantasy titles contains a lot of beautiful gems

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